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A lil' bit of Luxury!

11:40 PM

Lesson number 1: don’t forget your camera when going to an event!

As half of the world is getting ready to go to sleep, I still find the time to entertain myself by looking back at pictures of past events.

Tonight’s pictures? Fashion Friday at the VIP Room which took place on the 27th of January!

I had the opportunity to be present at the event, thanks to the lovely Maysa-Iman of Quy Goddess/ Fashion Iconique.

This time Fashion Friday took it to another level & decided to bring the spring 2012 collection of Jacky Luxury in to the spotlight.

The place was packed & the models looked cute.

My big mistake was…leaving the house WITHOUT my camera! 
(I was so comfortable, that I totally forgot half of my stuff!)

So I made a few pictures with my IPhone. 
I eventually did get my camera & snapped a few VIP chicks that had gotten my attention!

Excuse the blurry picture I have of my 2 favourite outfits 
(I’ll make sure to glue my camera to my butt next time!)

I got home after 2 AM & the goodie bags where worth it!

Shout out to Jihane Ruts  for organizing this event. 
Ya’ll see me at the next edition on Friday the 24th of February! 

For the ladies interested in Jacky Luxury, make sure to check out their 
website where they have tones of fashionable must-have items!

There’s also a boutique in The Hague called “Costa Den Haag” 
which sells Jacky Luxury & other brands in that same range! 
Check out their Facebook page for more info.

Quote of the night: Every girl needs some LUXURY in her life!

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