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A Cosmopolitan and some other sweet stuff...

5:07 PM

 photo cosmo1_zps43100ab5.jpg

      I hope this summer is going to be 
           good for us… I have plans!

It has been a little bit quiet on TITC…
there is a reason for that…

As some of you out there who have been following me on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, you might have already noticed that I have been working on a new project called
 Cosmos & Lipstick

A few things are going to change in the next few months, but don’t worry it will be an AMAZING journey!

A little information bout this project:
Cosmos & Lipstick is an up and coming Fashion (PR) & Event agency 
combined with a fashion and lifestyle blog.

Cosmos & Lipstick offers complete event productions --from charity fundraisers to weddings, 
small cocktail receptions to fashion shows, family events, photo shoots productions & more. 
The company is sure to offer its clients the best, while working with top of the line designers,
photographers, models, make up artists, caterers & etc.
Cosmos & Lipstick is also here to provide the young, urban and most of all 

CREATIVE minded individual, with today’s most fashionable guilty pleasures!




All about the finer things in life!

From Luxurious holiday destinations to great restaurants with amazing food,
“must-visit” events, to tips & tricks on how to keep your 
body healthy and good looking...and of course not to forget our favorite drink… 

The Cosmopolitan!

We believe that every woman 
(and even some men out there) 

should enjoy a Cosmo once in a while!


So grab a Cosmo & get inspired!


The blog is also going to undergo a few changes…
you know, a little upgrade!

But wait! ...
There is MORE! 

I have teamed up with the fabulous ABINAONLINE.com which is a media platform
dedicated to empower, especially the young urban female generation in African diaspora.

What I’m bringing to the table you may ask? 
Nothing but FABULOUSNESS on a Sunday morning church service 
dressed in a LBD with killer Louboutins and Chanel bag to match!



If you can’t contain yourself and want to read more about my daily shenanigans
 or you just want to be kept up to date, and want to know more about Cosmos & Lipstick, 
then make sure to LIKE the brand new page on Facebook, hollar at me on Twitter & 
follow me on Instagram and for short videos related to fashion & lifestyle…
 head over to Vine (CosmosandLipstick) or the YouTube channel!

There is a lot coming up!
 photo vkaart2_zpse41834a8.jpg

Quote of the day: Planning on working with other 
creative mindedindividuals this summer!

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