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My Run On Heels!

11:52 AM

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Child, I hope nobody breaks a leg!

I have a question for my ladies;

How hard have you ever ran in heels to catch a train or a bus, to make it to an important business meeting, during a sales at your favorite department store or (in my case) to the post office to pick up your new pair of Louboutins?

The answer to this question (if you give an HONEST answer) might be fast, very fast or… faster then how Kim Kardashian’s career took off after her famous tape!

You can tell much about how fast a woman can run in heels, when she’s excited or in a hurry.

For all my women out there (mainly living in Holland),
I have a FABULOUS event for you!

You might already have heard of it… and if not… just know that the fact that I’m writing about it,
means that THIS event is Fun AND FABULOUS and NOT for the weakest links!

If you can run in heels FASTER then the speed of light…
 guuuurrrlllllssss you are going to LOVE THIS!

Event agency MoreYin will be hosting the 2nd “My Run On Heels”
event tomorrow on October 27th in Almere.

My Run On Heels is a spectacular “High Heels Run” and a great lifestyle event, where women
(kids and men) are surely to enjoy a full day of fashion, goodies, food, live entertainment and so much more!

For the ladies who don’t have any babysitters to look after their little divas tomorrow…
 The organization will also have a kids plaza, where your mini-me’s
 will be fully entertained and have their own little run!

And if that’s is not enough to convince you to call your girlfriends and start practicing…
 the winner of the “Run On Heels” will win a grand prize of 2500 euro’s shopping money!!!


So if 2500 euro’s can’t make you sprint like crazy, then I don’t know what I can!

This fabulous day is sure to top last year’s event, because YOURSTRULLY will be there to walk around behind the scenes, snoop thru the “Lifestyle market” and take a few pictures during the fashion shows for the Cosmos & Lipstick social media channels!
(Twitter/ Facebook / Instagram)

The ladies who might want to have a little extra extra… 
a VIP lounge will be set up where you can come to your senses and be pampered like a queen!
(enjoy a manicure, massage, bubbles,
(And for the men coming along… there will also be one for you!)

So to wrap this post up, because even though I am not going to run
(I already ran on heels during the Pearl event… AND WON J),
I still need to look for some killer heels to wear.

EVERY FABULOUS woman in her right mind should come out tomorrow
 in Almere and enjoy a great day out (with her girlfriends)!

For more info on the event, to register yourself/ team or to buy tickets
for a VIP-arrangement make sure to click here!

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 photo 1374972_755744317775565_1618700258_n_zps4343baab.jpg

 photo 1383447_752075688142428_1948733437_n_zps7a390185.jpg

Quote of the day: What would I buy if I won 2500 euro’s? ….

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