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Throwback Thursday: Pink Friday - 2nd Edition!

2:45 PM

 photo CIMG4018_zps0a016bb5.jpg
Pretty girls wear PINK!

As the month of October is coming to an end, I can look back with the feeling that even though I might not be an official spooks person, I am glad that I took the opportunity to take a stand in the fight against breast cancer.

I took the pledge, with one of my girlfriends (who was diagnosed with breast cancer a month ago) to wear something PINK everyday of this month. I had fun doing it and off course supporting my girl to the fullest!

Back at the beginning of the month, my other girlfriend Frandjecka from Frizz Was Here, and I went to the 2nd edition of “Pink Friday” event hosted by Irene Hin of Lady Africa, which was held at the Hampshire Hotel in the “New Babylon” in The Hague.

This FABULOUS event is a great cause to bring awareness to breast cancer! 

The entire room was filled with some of the most exquisite fashion labels and goodies.
 There was even some PINK Moscato… Now how FAB is that!?!   
Off course I had to leave some PINK lipstick on my glass to 
mark my presence with my company “Cosmos &Lipstick” 
(if you don’t remember what I’m talking about, click here to refresh your memory)

I had the chance to talk to a few people and entrepreneurs, who were there selling products, fashionable items, providing visitors with cupcakes and drinks by Aspire, which is a new calorie reducing drink. 

Did I already say that there was PINK MOSCATO?

The oh-so- FAB Ana Murray, owner of EGOBrand, was there do DIVA-FY 
(I don’t even know if that’s a word… but I don’t care… ya’ll understand what I mean!)
 the women in the room with her SEXY bandage dresses.

Lady Africa made sure that all the brands represented by her label
 where colorful enough to grab even Steve Wonder’s attention!

Bum Bulu had everything for the everyday woman who likes to
 SPICE up her look and add a POP of COLOR.

Shop Affaire had the cutest accessories and had me all 
over the place with their shiny rings and necklaces.

There was so much going on, it was just like walking into a PINK haven full of glitz and glam! 
Hell, even the host was dressed up in NOTHING BUT GLITTER!!


Irene Hin, the lady who made it all possible, was SNATCHED TO THE GAWDS
in a big curly up-do, giving me life after death!

All in all, this event was SO SUCCESSFUL; if you missed it… you were probably a non-factor. And the reason why I’m even saying this, is because the goodie bag was SO FULL,  I had to take a BREAK on my way home while walking, because I had the feeling that my arm was going to fall off!

For more pictures make sure to go over to the Cosmos & Lipstick page!

 photo CIMG4003_zps4abc7c6b.jpg

 photo CIMG4015_zps0d1aa206.jpg

 photo CIMG4026_zps419f2c4d.jpg

 photo CIMG4027_zpsa66d62f9.jpg

 photo CIMG4031_zpsa201f197.jpg

 photo CIMG4034_zpsd5173c28.jpg

 photo CIMG4037_zpse2c37e53.jpg

 photo CIMG4045_zps1166af89.jpg

 photo CIMG4046_zps02ae56d5.jpg

 photo CIMG4061_zpsb122ae1f.jpg

 photo CIMG4063_zps0604e27e.jpg

 photo CIMG4019_zps2eff3644.jpg

Quote of the day: Even though “Breast Cancer” month is over, I still want to let 
all my ladies out there who are fighting… YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

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