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Time to Go Pink!

4:58 PM

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Pretty girls wear PINK

For most people October might be the month where everything revolves around fall. 

The crispy air, the pumpkin lattes, the holidays and so much more…

But for others… it’s all about celebrating overcoming an obstacle in life,
 or remembering someone dear to our hearts.

A friend of mine started this beautiful concept after she was diagnosed with 
breast cancer recently and I decided to join her on this journey!

The only thing this challenge requires… is for you to wear something 
PINK during the month of October.

It might be a PINK nail polish, a PINK clothing item, PINK shoes, PINK lingerie… 
(And for the men out there) whatever you have as long as it’s PINK!

Let’s unite and show our moms, aunties, sisters, grandmothers, girlfriends and 
all ladies around the world that we ARE HERE and support them during the battle… 
and let them know that they are NOT ALONE!

And for the ladies who are not here with us anymore, know that we will 
be reunited one day surrounded by PINK CLOUDS!

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Quote of the day: To all the strong women out there.. YOU ARE ALL FABULOUS!

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