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The Cool Kids RUN THIS TOWN!

11:40 PM

 photo IMG_20130520_191836_zpse5a166a3.jpg

You can’t sit with us!

I remember back in my high school days, when we used to have all these different types of cliques and we were all “cool” in our own ways…

The days when we all wore the same clothes or had the same style as the people we were “rolling” with…

Well, I got over that fast, because I was sick & tired of chicks jacking my style and trying to look like me!

Hell, back then I was considered a little bit cray-cray for wearing giant tutus to class
(Ok I will admit, I’m only 5’3 / 1.63 so big tutus might get some attention).

But nothing can compare to the fashion craze that goes on behind the scenes of a fashion shoot of one of my favorite stylist Daphne Oosthuizen aka Cake of AFCakeStyle!

I was invited a few months ago to come and snoop around behind the scenes… 
and boy did I have some fun!

The make up, the hair, the colors, the accessories, clothes and all of that are 
enough for a girl to have a field day and play dress up and never get tired. 


AFCakeStyle has to be one of the most extravagant and on & popping 
stylist living in Europe.... and I am not even joking.

These behind the scene shots can’t even describe the magic that happens behind an AFCakeStyle shoot with photographer Dilani Butink, MUA Stephanie Vos & hairstylist Naydisha Richardson…. 

It’s like seeing the Fashion Fantastic 4 unite!!!

And with models like Jewell Schoos, Nella Ngingo & tatted up eye-candy Daniel Nicoletti 
(ladies he’s taken so keep calm and pull your panties back on.... hold up....
It has just been confirmed that he's SINGLE AGAIN!!!!), 
I could only expect nothing but the BEST!

With items by ChiVas Customes, Asos, ISLYNYC, Bizarre, Dimepiece Designs, Joyrich 
and more of these FAB labels… you’ll be sure to make a BOLD ASS STATEMENT!


 photo CIMG3214_zpsdeee3e43.jpg

 photo CIMG3215_zpsb68f9676.jpg

 photo CIMG3219_zps295f981a.jpg

 photo CIMG3222_zps36edd7a4.jpg

 photo CIMG3239_zpsb4312984.jpg

 photo CIMG3234_zps77905efb.jpg

 photo CIMG3237_zps02cebe2d.jpg

 photo CIMG3224_zpsc3bd4c29.jpg

 photo CIMG3226_zpsd8bcc089.jpg

 photo CIMG3227_zpsf6de9f8a.jpg

 photo CIMG3229_zps3ed9db6e.jpg

 photo CIMG3230_zps0489c1db.jpg

 photo CIMG3246_zps0a8eeae7.jpg

 photo CIMG3256_zps6a0a211f.jpg

 photo CIMG3258_zpsa368ac71.jpg

 photo CIMG3271_zps1af3e1c9.jpg

 photo CIMG3287_zps80d44320.jpg

 photo CIMG3289_zpsc3078b51.jpg

 photo CIMG3292_zps8770fe68.jpg

 photo CIMG3294_zpsc1ee0218.jpg

 photo CIMG3314_zps5aabc18f.jpg

 photo CIMG3330_zps0cd522b4.jpg

 photo CIMG3346_zps5201119e.jpg

 photo CIMG3342_zpsb17a1b3f.jpg

 photo CIMG3355_zps2ecdca59.jpg

 photo CIMG3364_zps663bfaa6.jpg

 photo CIMG3376_zpsa378d157.jpg

 photo CIMG3380_zpsc70d1d54.jpg

 photo CIMG3388_zps6e466b57.jpg

 photo CIMG3402_zps19aadd7c.jpg

 photo CIMG3404_zpsbab77215.jpg

 photo CIMG3421_zps9388fd85.jpg

 photo CIMG3423_zps4dea0435.jpg

 photo CIMG3429_zps3bdff43b.jpg

 photo CIMG3439_zps5471ef03.jpg

For the full editorial make sure to check out Status Magazine Online
or swerve to the Dilani Butink Photography / Cosmos & Lipstick page!

Don’t forget to show some love to Daphne & Dilan!

Quote of the day: There is a reason why Daphne is my fashion fairy godmother… 
I don’t trust the basics!

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