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Pearl: The Final Countdown!

8:12 PM

 photo 1378590_247961355353317_220753127_n_zps3316764f.jpg

I have some tea to spill… and I am NOT talking about drinks here!

The Pearl Multicolor event is approaching with a fast speed, 
and girls… 

Yes Gawd! 
*Snaps fingers 3 times *

There is so much tea to spill, stuff to talk about and fashion to drool over and because there is TOO much for just ONE post… 

I’ll have to divide it into 3 days to make sure I CAN TELL as MUCH as possible to get ya’ll ready for the FABULOSITY, 
that is the PEARL event!

Grab your drinks, get comfy… and let’s start gossiping!
For the ladies who still haven’t made up their minds yet about going to the event….
A lot of interesting fashion labels will be present during the 2-day event.

I’m not talking about those random shady online “boutiques” a lot of people find and then try to act like they bought their items from somewhere exclusive…  
(I see some of you faking it and acting like it’s something special….
I’m talking about the web shops with the MUST-HAVES items of this season!

You know you don’t have the time to calm down, when labels like “Bag & Heels”, “Lady Africa”, “Dyeja” 
and so much more are ready to satisfy your EVERY fashion needs!!!

For the ladies who would like to add a little more DRAMA to their look… “Bianca’s Trendz” and “Lash To Impress” will be there to provide you with the best lash-extensions on the planet for a SPECIAL price!

The statement accessories of “Rebelista” will have ANY girl looking fierce & fabulous and ready to take on the WORLD! (Because we women…. Run The World!)

For the ladies who enjoy a little tan without having to go to the tanning salon every week, “Vanitan” (who is also responsible for the FABULOUS tan on the Holland's Next Top Model contestants) will be providing their spray-tans, which are all based on natural products!

For the “sisters” coming to the event, Pearl has also thought about you! The MyBlackHair Square is an initiative of black hair & beauty website www.myblackhair.nl. The latest hair & beauty products can be discovered at this square! Get advice on the care of your frizzy and curly hair, learn about the latest styling techniques, join the workshops and meet other beauties who share your hair type.

(and for the ones who are interested... Diana J. Ritfeld, will be giving a "head-wrap" workshop dedicated to women who would like to learn how to tie a mean head-game!) 

I also found out that famous Dutch catwalk-coach Mariana Verkerk, will be giving aspiring models catwalk lessons! (you might even get “discovered”!... I even heard that there will be a "model search"during the event... models with the most potential will be offered tickets to the ModelConvention 2014, 
which will take place in the Amsterdam Rai! )

 photo 75006_514847861923790_1343244569_n_zps3d9b110d.jpg
 photo 574995_342754009119557_265278921_n_zps339c97a3.jpg  photo icosbeauty_lash_to_impress-10_zpsbb38922a.jpg

 photo 1381535_245451118937674_461680899_n_zps18af2a37.jpg  photo timthumb_zps9b3eb3b6.jpg

 photo 1b2824dc9b0171323084c171b477a104_zpsdfb25307.jpeg
 photo 1378722_10151962710399245_991384959_n_zpsf912cdc9.jpg

The goodie bags have been packed to their MAXIMUM, the hall is being decorated, 
catwalks are being build, everybody is working their asses of…


Basically, these are a FEW reasons why people should hurry up 
and get their tickets before everything gets sold out!

I’m not supposed to tell too much, but THIS is something a girl can’t just keep to herself!

Make sure NOT to miss this event…. You might regret it if you do ;)

 photo 1385472_10151635758762471_246987725_n_zpsc51454c2.jpg

 photo 1382076_248411401974979_658239645_n_zpsf88b080b.jpg

Quote of the day: One more secret... Tickets are CHEAPER online... 
buy them for 19.90 INSTEAD of 25.00 at the entrance!

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