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The Pitbull in a skirt!

2:57 PM

 photo IMG_3754_zpsb07203f2.jpg

Who says you can’t combine 
men’s clothes whit a skirt?

It’s been a while since I shot another outfit… and this time as ya’ll  can see, it shows
how my personality can sometimes be so contradicting to my environment here in Holland.

Everything looks so calm and peaceful, until…

I hit up the little town of Goes a few days ago dressed in a YSL men’s shirt (courtesy of my favorite men’s store Credo, in The Hague), a pleaded leather skirt from Forever21, a pair of spiked up Litas by JeffreyCampbell and a delicious Chanel lip, and ended up being stared at like I was some kind of  walking fashion billboard.

It’s funny sometimes how people react to the way that I look… 
I mean for me, this is just some casual day-to-day outfit! 

No drama, no extra fairy dust… 
just a toned down version of my persona.

I have to confess, that I LOVE wearing men’s shirts and sweaters. 
Somehow it always completes an outfit when I’m combining it with a feminine item!

I am known to be a little feisty, so I guess toning it down
at times and mixing things up is a fun way to enjoy both
of my sides!

I'm a mix of the best of BOTH WORLDS!

 photo IMG_3707_zps00a9d4f1.jpg

 photo IMG_3708_zpsa53b7c51.jpg

 photo IMG_3709_zps8252a71f.jpg

 photo IMG_3710_zpsc6a2ba15.jpg

T-shirt: Yves Saint Lauren, leather skirt: Forever21
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell, Spiked bracelet & beanie: FabChiq

Quote of the day: It’s easy to take a girl out of the hood, 
but how can you take the hood out of the girl?

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