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In The Mag. - Beyoncé for Vogue

8:12 PM

 photo beyonce-vogue-cover-march-2013_144337662914_zps414385cd.jpg

I swear I’m not a STAN! 

As Beyoncé is probably working hard on her upcoming tour 
 she continues to slay and snatch wigs here and there. 

King B. graces this month’s Vogue issue looking more fabulous then ever! 

Anna Wintour knows how to play in on the “Beyoncé-hype” 

 I can sit here and give you all the details about this fabulous 
women and the FANTASTIC clothing she is wearing…. 

But this cover and the rest of the pictures have been discussed 
all over the Internet for a while now and 


re-read what has already been written!

But there is on thing that I will say.

I LOVE the Vogue, I really do…

But it took me 2 FREAKING days to find the interview in the magazine!
 I understand all them ads and I LOVE them too, but 
I has BLISTERS on my fingers for the past few days!

 And as I was browsing through my blog,
 I saw that I had a lot of Beyoncé-related post in the past few weeks…. 

 I might come off a little bit too THIRSTY 
(which I’m not!) 

So ladies and gentlemen…without further ado… 

This is the main reason why this chick got me 
running to the hair shop on a daily basis! 

 photo 0313-VO-WELL54_14433460272_zps72f17678.jpg

Dress: Alexander McQueen

 photo 0313-VO-WELL56_144334941223_zps8584197d.jpg

Top: Marni, pants: Haider Ackermann

 photo 0313-VO-WELL58_144335562936_zpsc34b7382.jpg

Dress: Oscar de la Renta, sandals: Alexander McQueen

 photo 0313-VO-WELL62_144336509626_zpsb01e9c00.jpg

Satin opera coat, bra & high waisted shorts: Rocha

 photo Alexander-McQueen-No-Heel-Sandal-Spring-2013_zpsaf6314d2.jpg

 photo 0313-VO-WELL63_144337608901_zps07f20035.jpg

 photo Givenchy-PVC-and-Wooden-Heel-Sandals-Spring-20131_zps3650ab2e.jpg

  White blouse, trousers & sandals: Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci

 photo img-0313vofrnt08jpg_170624481447_zpsb6653fa6.jpg

 photo divide_zpsc2b46fd5.jpg

 photo 18822-UVO-10E-PD_16521483624_zps03427314.jpg

 photo 18822-UVO-11C-PD_165215344562_zps35143e2c.jpg

Quote if the day: Blue Ivy’s momma’s face is BEAT TO THE GODS!

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