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December Flashbacks!

11:31 PM

 photo hair2_zps4f2be61b.jpg

Girls, ya’ll better hold on to your weaves, 
because this is going to be a fast ride!

As we are approaching the end of the year 2013, I would like to use the
 oh-so-fabulous month of December to look back at all the wonderful events
that I had the opportunity to attend, 
shine light on the great people
I had the chance to meet and of course reminisce on all the goodies that 2013 has brought into my life!

Make sure to come back every other day to check on my shenanigans, 
crazy moments, DRAMA, beauty products, all that FABULOUS fashion 
and not to forget the upcoming reports of the last events of 2013, 
which I will be gracing!

And because Christmas came early this year 

(aka I bought something I really wanted because I couldn’t wait any longer 
on Mr. Claus… no disrespect Santa, but a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do! 
And I have been a good girl for the past few weeks… hihi… 
so I still EXPECT those pair of Louboutins I’ve had my eyes on since 
I went to Paris for a business meeting AND my BIRTHDAY…Thank you in advance!!), 
I FINALLY got myself a Canon camera!

Now ya’ll KNOW I’m about to take this 
blogging thing to the next level!


I’ll leave ya’ll with a few candids for now, but if ya’ll feel 
the need to stay in touch a little bit more… make sure to LIKE Cosmos & Lipstick
 on Facebook & follow yours truly on Instagram and via Twitter!

Karen's Closet & Pretty Proper Hair Trunk Show 

 photo 1_zps813cb0d5.jpg

 photo 3_zps027aab0a.jpg

 photo 2_zps251220d3.jpg

With Love & Hip Hop New York's Somaya Reece

 photo 4_zps80b680b2.jpg

Fofie Celebration,
The Hague, Holland

 photo 8_zpscd6df9f0.jpg

 photo 6_zpsf89cdfc1.jpg

 photo 7_zps985a0257.jpg

Amsterdam Fashion Week Networking Reception,
Amsterdam, Holland

 photo 1_zpse03ff526.jpg

 photo 2_zpsc72ff547.jpg

 photo 3_zps26e097dc.jpg

Pearl Event,
Utrecht, Holland

 photo 1395781_250922748395143_64877970_n_zpsb74ed3c1.jpg

 photo 1392667_250922901728461_1126139801_n_zpsf3a41500.jpg

 photo 1383768_250980248389393_1695858393_n_zpsf70e20d2.jpg

With Dutch singer Gio

 photo 995883_250923021728449_1733140594_n_zpsd6c35fcf.jpg

With Dutch X-Factor's Orpheus

 photo 1380681_250922955061789_1759756254_n_zpsf9f0df7b.jpg

YouTube Hair Guru Taren Guy & Bags & Heels owner Ana Muray

 photo 1383567_250927368394681_1500437871_n_zps594a10d8.jpg

Lifestyle Business Club 070,
The Hague, Holland

 photo 11_zpsa0501c35.jpg

My Run On Heels,
Almere, Holland

 photo 13_zpsa9748173.jpg

 photo 16_zps2f391346.jpg

 photo 14_zps5e26b66f.jpg

Birthday / Business weekend,
Paris, France 

 photo 1465244_257280497759368_950726911_n_zpsed5602ae.jpg

 photo paris_zps0275abf8.jpg

Lady Africa Pop-Up Store,
The Hague, Holland

 photo lady1_zps55de29bd.jpg

 photo lady3_zps1a8d3094.jpg

 photo lady_zpsa17ce01f.jpg

Stephany's BlackStyles Weekend,
Amsterdam, Holland

 photo hair_zpsdb5a3ba4.jpg

With Hair Guru Deshonika Kerrie from ATL.

 photo 1463005_260318774122207_1073872881_n_zps7d1d8511.jpg

 photo 1477541_260318617455556_1878826389_n_zps54e632d6.jpg

Cosmo Dinner,
The Hague, Holland

 photo 21_zps6e1b602d.jpg

 photo 24_zps792aefc1.jpg

Quote of the day: December is always the month when I get my cleans … 
aka I am not taking any BS into the year of 2014, so If you don’t here from me next year… 
don’t take it personal… it’s just business!

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