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New York... I've MISSED you!

4:12 AM

 photo 20130801_185846_zps0001caa8.jpg

There’s nothing you can’t do… when you’re in New York!

Oh, how I LOVE this city!

For the once who were wondering where I have been for the past few days… No, I haven’t been hiding due to my previous post, where I (with NO shame in my game) put some event planner on blast… 


That’s right people; I am back “HOME”

I’ve been here for the past 1,5 week and have been enjoying every second of it!

It’s good to be re-united with friends and family!

Nothing can compare to the oh-so greasy fast food, heat, cocktails with just a little too much alcohol, big booty strippers AND fabulous fashion that NEW YORK has to offer!

YES! This Concrete Jungle is the place where ALL DREAMS can come true; a fabulous transgender can beat your face with sexy make up, a man can beg on the streets for money while holding a sign that says “NEED TO BUY WEED”, you can get lost on the subway and end up in Soho for some shopping fun AND not to forget the guys working on the busy streets of Time Square/ Broadway who instead of working will try every pick up line in the book just to get your number.

The city where BeyoncĂ© can take her bicycle to her last 
show in Barclays Center and bike over the Brooklyn Bridge like it’s nothing!

The city where kids in the Bronx, will bust a water hydrant 
open in the middle of the day to have some fun in the heat!

The city where The Notorious B.I.G can be found forever 
immortalized on a wall on Lafayette in Brooklyn!

The city where my baby cousin ALWAYS gets caught mean mugging!

The city where girls can get HIGHLY EMOTIONAL in SAKS when laying eyes on some FABULOUS CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN shoes AND bags!


Everything has been so good so far… except that I have GAINED a few pounds.

I am NOT going to lie… everything here tastes SO GOOD… 
the temptation is REAL!

There is so much to talk about hunny, but for now… I’m just going to leave ya’ll with a few candids, because I have to get ready for a meeting on an event I’m working on for this coming Saturday.

And yes, this vacation is also mixed with a few business ventures!

 photo 20130803_205356_zps8390c61e.jpg
 photo 20130803_205151_zps7a589f0c.jpg
 photo tumblr_mgmlj4RBI11qz6fvao1_500_zps2824acae.jpg
 photo 20130803_142349_zpsc600f16a.jpg
 photo 20130803_180033_zps0c077649.jpg
 photo 20130803_180938_zps7b44faba.jpg
 photo 20130803_183345_zps91ab1f53.jpg
 photo 20130803_183537_zps5518135e.jpg
\ photo 20130803_183542_zps28d9f119.jpg
\ photo 20130803_181016_zps0e9c6c2d.jpg
 photo 20130803_205323_zpscebaf835.jpg

 photo 20130803_210447_zps6ad16b14.jpg

 photo 20130803_220243_zpsa2a55f7d.jpg

 photo 20130803_224945_zps4906eea9.jpg

 photo 20130803_225222_zps49687433.jpg

 photo photo_zps7b0e1d96.jpg

 photo 20130806_155705_zpsea002b29.jpg

 photo 20130806_155424_zps7579f4ce.jpg

 photo 20130806_160648_zps20ec72bd.jpg

 photo 20130806_160607_zps7e9ff0d0.jpg

 photo 20130806_180807_zpsf86183ad.jpg
 photo photo-5_zpsfa4aa03d.jpg
 photo IMG-20130803-WA0009_zpsf30e4171.jpg
 photo 20130803_231715_zpsc9f4e5a2.jpg
 photo 20130804_192336_zps9c337d52.jpg
 photo 20130730_151910_zps67b14527.jpg
 photo IMG-20130803-WA0005_zpse6ac9557.jpg

 photo IMG-20130803-WA0006_zps2055b379.jpg

 photo 20130801_194341_zpsb6117a0a.jpg

Quote of the day: I’m going to be FAT AND BROKE 
by the time I get back to Holland…. HEELLPPP!!!

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