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All Black Everything!

2:30 PM

 photo IMG_2207_zps74ee0108.jpg

When in doubt, wear black!

Ladies and fashionistas, it is no secret that the color BLACK is one of my trademarks.

I remember back in the days when my mother used to get angry every time I brought my big pile of BLACK clothes to the get them washed.

Talking about me being ready to go to somebodies funeral (really? Really?)

Anyways I wasn’t going to change the color I wore, eventually she got over it.

As I was scrolling down my instagram a few weeks ago and spotted Beyoncé rocking some crazy leather sweatpants, I KNEW from deep down in my soul that I needed that piece of fabric in my life.

The leather sweats Beyoncé was rocking were from EN NOIR and were totally sold out by the time I got to the website (a good thing, because those bad boys where WAY over my budget…and my credit card would have burned right away…
I think it was a sign from the big man upstairs!)

A lot of celebrities have already been spotted in EN NOIR pieces and it’s no secret that Kanye practically only has EN NOIR hanging in his closet!

After doing some research online (and bumping into pictures of other celebrities rocking these leather sweats) I found a fabulous pair AND they were much cheaper!

These unisex leather sweats can be worn with heels (for the ladies off course) or kicks.

 photo med_50c1ded7c169d_zps6c0588f6.jpg

 photo 02-Beyonce-en-noir-sweatpa1_zpsa4f1ac02.jpg

 photo Beyonce-Instagram-Leather-_zps33f7b8c5.jpg

 photo 080912_celebs_photos001-350x600_zps91e0e4dd.jpg

 photo Rihanna-11_zps3c5b2055.jpg

 photo kim10f-4-web_zpsc30d1f89.jpg

Beyoncé’s own are by EN NOIR, Kim’s are by Céline, 
Rihanna’s are unknown and Kanye’s are also by EN NOIR.

 photo IMG_2211_zps6a137a4c.jpg

I went out and about during the weekend in an “All Black Everything” – attire, 
paired with Zara kicks and added a Céline-inspired id necklace by FabChiq to finish the look.

 photo DSC_03542_zps0204f220.jpg photo zara-sneakers_zps1f8741b8.jpg

There’re a lot of different kinds out there, so have a look and find out what you like!

Quote of the day: I’m already checking for the new En Noir collection!!!

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