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Legs, legs, legs!

9:37 PM


Happy New Year!

First of all I wanted to wish all of my readers a happy and fabulous new year.

Wishing you all a very fashionable 2013 with lots of LOVE and LIGHT
on this journey!

Unfortunately the holiday seasons are over… and my pants have increased by 2 sizes.
(Yes, I stuffed my face and enjoyed a lot of desserts over the Christmas break.)

And you know what… I really don’t care, because I’m comfortable in the skin that I’m in
 (and because I don’t think size “ANOREXIC” suits me very well).

People always start the New Year with a crazy “new years-resolution list
and act like they are going to stick to it throughout the whole year…

I can honestly say that for the first time in my life…

I haven’t made a list!

I used to be one of “them” too…. You know always using one of the regulars:
·      “I’m going back to the gym
·      “I’m going to eat more healthy”
·      “I’m going to spend less on clothes and shoes”

And then after 3 weeks of hard work… the devil decides to tempt me with bad weather
(not wanting to freeze on my way to the gym, so I stay at home and watch re-runs of Sex and The City with my two best friends; Ben & Jerry),

has all these fast food commercials on TV airing like there is no tomorrow
(so I order some greasy Chinese food and end up feeling guilty)

and not to forget all these sales going on
(I found myself running around the house like a mad woman, looking for my credit card and offer myself some shoes… hey, new year, new shoes right!)

So either way… no matter what I do… I ALWAYS fail!

This year… I’m going to do it differently… but I’ll leave that for another post.

This post… is about a picture I posted up last night on Instagram / Twitter / Facebook and had people going bananas about what I was wearing.

I had a girlfriend of mine buy me a few things from NYC;
it was a cute little package full of my essentials and a pair of

Egyptian Princess high waist leggings

I had asked her in advanced if she could buy me a size bigger then I used to wear
 (I was mentally preparing myself before the holidays,
with the fact that I already knew I would go up a couple of sizes)

She told me she was going to surprise me with a fabulous piece… and so she did!

This Egyptian legging is not only one of the fabest things I own, but also very comfy…
 and my booty fits in it without any trouble!





I woke up this morning to a few messages on Facebook and
text with the question about where I had bought it…

Well I have no idea were my friend got it from (because she doesn’t want to tell me), so I did a little research on my own and found a few websites where the leggings can be purchased.

And because I don’t mind charring a few little secrets…

Here are a few links!




Whatever the occasion may be, these leggings are sure to make heads turn!

Quote of the day: Because I can... and therefore I AM! 

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