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Put on your BOOTS & go exploring!

11:12 PM

Time go’s so fast when you’re having fun!

I hade a fun day today! First I got my ass kicked by the rain & the wind, and then I had the opportunity to get lost in the wonderful city of Amsterdam while I was on my way to the Palladium Summer Boot Launch event.

Yes my life ain’t BORING at all!!

I took a picture with my BFF, drank a lil’sum sum, hugged a few people, talked too much 
AND even got my boggie-on!

The DJ was A-MAZING!

The whole “Urban- Lifestyle” that go’s on with wearing Palladium boots was all over the place!

Shout out to the girls over at Press Only & the Palladium crew for this laidback & social event!

Quote of the night: If you wasn't invited, tell yo momma I said “HI”

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