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No Matter What Yo Momma Said, I Still Look Cooler Then You!

12:33 AM

Damn these glasses!

This week has started off looking nice.
The sun has been shining all up in my face & the wind has been blowing all up in my weave!

I've been MIA for the past few weeks due to the fact that I’m in my final EXAM period in college…

I got my little “imperfection” taken care of a few weeks ago. 
Now lets just hope everything will be over by the end of the summer!

FYI : Even though I’m still in a little pain… I LOVE PLASTIC SURGEONS!

*moving on to the main subject*

I’ve stumbled across an amazing site!

Ya’ll better be ready cause this is gonna be a HOT summer!

Miss Jamie White is de founder and creator of  “Shades by Jamie Dionne”

Her statement? “A bold expression of one’s uniqueness and love for the fashion world”

Now you know that when you read something like that, 
you best believe something FAB is coming your way!

These shades are sicker then Hurricane Katrina!

She brings the “Gaga” & “The Diva” out of EVERY woman!

I mean this girl knows what she’s doing. I LOVE the fact that there are more business minded 
woman out there who stand their ground and know what they want out of life!

Ya’ll better check her out & support the girl.

I know I’m getting myself a pair!

For more on Jamie & her FAB line check out

Jamie White has OFFICIALLY been declared “Kiwi-Proof”

Quote of the night: Go on girl, get your “Fab-on” I see you!

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