To sleep or not To sleep?

5:27 PM

As I’m laying here in my comfy Queen Size bed (yes I need space when I sleep!), I’m thinking…

isn’t sleeping a waist of precious time? I mean all of the stuff that go’s on while I’m sleeping makes me wonder…am I missing something out there?

But then I come to realize that I have just everything I need…just here under my pillow.
Ya’ll wonder what the hell I’m talking about don’t ya’ll?

I’m talking about this lil’ device (some people have a bigger one, which I personally think is just TOO big for a 5.3″ woman like myself to be carrying around) called the BlackBerry!
I mean let’s be honest…everything is just one “click” away! Twitter, Facebook, CNN, ELLE and etc. I have it all! Just think about everything that keeps me up to date on fashion, news, music and more…I HAVE IT ALL!

I can sleep my self in a coma & wake up a few years later, and all I would have to do is just look up what I missed!

Like right now…I’m blogging from my BlackBerry! Isn’t it just totally great!!!
So to conclude this lil’ topic, I should say…Yes! God gave us the night so we could rest our souls en recharge our bodies…and that’s why I’m thankful for sleep!

(And also for those great dreams I’ve been having about sitting on the front row at New York Fashion Week! It will happen…mark my words! If Obama once dreamed about being the first black president, then I sure as hell gonna make it to that front row seat! Like Dr. King once said: “I HAVE A DREAM!”)

Quote of the night: You can’t have dreams if you ain’t sleeping! Now… let me get some of that beauty sleep!…I suggest ya’ll do the same!

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