Does misery need company???

5:23 PM

So I have this friend right, let’s call her S.

S. just met this guy X. at a party she went to a couple weeks a go. She was al happy and talking 24/7 about this guy (which kind of got me going crazy……. Like i care that he has the whites smile she ever saw!)

Anyways, she thought that he could be Mr. Wright. And that’s when the whole situation got messed up. See S. also had other friends that really had her ‘back’ like they would say.
I just see them as two good for nothing chicks that ain’t got noting to do but to talk about other peoples business. Let’s call these two chicks M & B. Now M. has been single…ever since I know this trick. She just can’t keep her legs closed. Her boyfriend dumped her, after he found her and his best friend in HIS bed. Now ain’t that depressing?

And B. , well there ain’t really a thing to say about her. She just a chicken head. She likes to talk, it don’t matter. As long as she can talk, then she’s happy.
Now when M. found out that S. was dating X. she started to do what she does best . GOSSIPING!

She would go over to S. house, whit B. to talk about how bad X was. Cause she heard that he’s been locked up for stuff he did in the past. And he’s a player, he doesn’t have a job and he doesn’t go to school and on top of that he has a kid! They talked crap the whole night.
A few weeks later she came by my house, And she started crying about the fact that M. and B. came to her house to tell her al the things they heard about X.
And then I got crazy!

Why the hell do girls do these things? Is it because they can’t handle it that S. found a guy that she likes?Or is it just that they’re haters?I don’t get it, why would girls talk dirt about a guy that they don’t even know!?!

Or is it that they feels bad about them selfs? And that’s the way they wants other people to feel too.

So it is true that misery needs company? I think so, cause you have to be really lonely and depressed if you want to make people feel just like you!

So I tried to talk to S. but M. and B. just brainwashed her. She didn’t want to listen to what I had to say….. so after a few minutes she left my house.

From what I heard now is that she has been avoiding X. for the past two weeks… I think it’s time for me to get ready to bust my foot up M. and B’s crack, before it’s too late for S. and X.

Quote of the day: I stick up for my friends…What do you do? now let me get some Vaseline!

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