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My Different Faces #2

1:27 PM

The weather is banging, and so are my outfits
(if I may say so myself!)

I told myself that this would be the summer
where I would go all out with my outfits.
Long, short, colourful, classy, sporty
..you name it..I got it!

Outfit 1. Oversize tank top: H&M. High stretch skirt: H&M.
Sandals: Micheal Kors. Bag: H&M. Necklace: Pimkie. Watch: River Island.

Outfit 2. Dress: Top Shop. Bag: Ralph Lauren. Shoes: River Island.

Outfit 3. Dress: Pimkie. Blazer: Pimkie. Shoes: River Island.

Quote of the day:
Enjoy the weather while you still can!

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