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My Different Faces

1:58 PM

Who ever told you that being overdressed is something bad…should…
Wait let me tell you something…
Grab something heavy…look at them and drop it on top of there heads!

How the hell can people think that ? Overdressed doesn’t exist.!

Look I’m not saying that you have to be on point everyday…but seriously…what would you do if you would ran into your ex and you looked like crap?
I think he would be glad he left you.

Okay…all of the above is just me overreacting. I like doing that sometimes…you’ll find out at the end of this twenty-something journey, that overreacting is my last name.

I like looking good where ever I go. And people know.
I do sometimes have the urge to go around looking as if I just stepped out of the subway in the Bronx, but hey…don’t we all?

I think that the way you look is very important….it’s your business card
to the world.

These are a few of my business cards! Enjoy!

Outfit 1: Dress: River Island. Jacket: Pimkie. Liquid legging: H & M. Shoes: New Look. Corsage: H & M. Necklace: vintage (real pearls). Bag: Ralph Lauren

Outfit 2: Boyfriend blouse: Pimkie. Jacket: Pimkie. Jeans: Pimkie. Shoes: Uggs. Necklace: Ti Sento. Glasses: H & M. Bag: Pimkie

Outfit 3: Dress: River Island. Necklace: vintage (real pearls)

Quote of the day: Always Dress to Impress!

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