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Au Naturel

11:43 PM

 Ladies, I am weave-less!

I don’t know if it’s the weather or something, but I had to get ride of my weave for a minute.

The weather is really starting to hit off, and to be honest I had felt the need to let my own hair breath. Being tucked in for most of the time, I could even sense that my hair needed a break from all that EXTRA pounds of hair on my head.

It was a big step, but I finally did it. So on Friday  I  had decided to get out of bed early (I don’t understand why I’m never able to sleep till an certain hour when I have a day off, but yet when I have to wake up early…I just cant seem to get out of bed!

So there I was, heading to the salon…with mixed feelings.

I was like “Oh my God, what if I’m not going to love what I see?”.

It’s kind of crazy that society has practically brainwashed some of us into 
thinking that you are more beautiful if you put someone else’s hair on your head…

If you’re not black, you might not understand what I mean…but if you are…
you might even disagree whit what I’m saying. And it’s okay, we all have different opinions.

Anyways as soon as the weave came out…the FRO

My hairdresser washed & conditioned it with some powerful African hands! (African women will not only wash your hair, they’ll wash your brain too…that’s how strong them hands are!)

After that…I had to go trough 2 combs to tame it 
(R.I.P. for the combs who didn’t survive the battle!)

I haven’t permed my hair in almost 2 years, so you can imagine how strong it is.

I have to be honest…I have LONG, THICK & DARK hair. That’s why I NEVER argue with fools, who are always trying to make some stupid
 “black girls with weaves, ain’t got no hair on their head” type of jokes.

As long as you are happy with your hair/ weave/ braids 
then NOBODY can’t tell you you’re not beautiful!

Beauty comes in all different kinds of shape, color and hair!

Quote of the night: I’m thinking of braiding my hair…hmmmmm…

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  1. woman you are BEAUTIFUL, BRAID THAT ISH UP !

    Ik heb in Januari big chop gedaan, wejow scary gedoe! but! ALL natural ! heb nu twists & LOVIN it :D




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