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Salonè Della Moda (Prt. 2)

6:16 PM

 photo IMG_1922_zpscf72ff26.jpg

A woman should always dress to be remembered, not simply to be noticed” 

I know I had promised to publish the second part of the Salonè Della Moda event before the weekend, but something came up and another followed, with a business bloggers brunch on Sunday… so yes. Please excuse my busy schedule.

I have received tons of great comments (offline) about the blog post of the first part of the event. 
I’m assuming that I did a great thing on the writing? Or people just love my DRAMATIC ways. 
Whatever the case may be, the entire production was ALL THAT AND A BOX OF CHOCOLATE
(Christmas is just around the corner, which means that 
I have traded my chips for something more delicious!)

The second night of Salonè Della Moda was not only magnificent, but also a bit short for me. Unfortunately duty called (A girl with a lifestyle like mine, is still in need of a 9 to 5… you know to pay bills, and SHOES!), 
which made me miss the majority of the shows.

(Karl Lagerfeld, Anna Wintour & Andre Leon Talley)

I was BLOWN AWAY by the Ricky Lee 
and Aennis Eunis fashion show!

They FABULOUS piece and pretty fabrics combined 
with the sickest accessories…. 

I was SO shocked I could barely take pictures!

Sitting pretty on the front row has its benefits. Not only am I being seeing and eyeballed 
to death by others *wink*, but I was able to really “study” what was walking by. 
The bags, the shoes and the fine cutes were to die for.

 photo IMG_1917_zpsada42b4a.jpg  photo IMG_1906_zps6be3c734.jpg  photo IMG_1908_zps58fee4ed.jpg  photo IMG_1904_zps770f58ad.jpg  photo IMG_1899_zpsd6634985.jpg  photo IMG_1902_zps0a99e467.jpg  photo IMG_1896_zps183bc8c6.jpg  photo IMG_1897_zps946073cc.jpg  photo IMG_1892_zps6f6c755a.jpg  photo IMG_1894_zps3be57b37.jpg  photo IMG_1888_zps991bf001.jpg  photo IMG_1890_zpsd5e4ff9d.jpg  photo IMG_1870_zps0cc38db6.jpg  photo IMG_1863_zps0cf4e0d0.jpg

Of course I couldn’t let the night pass by, without taking a 
picture with the sweet and talented guys of Orpheus!

This was definitely a weekend to remember.

Once again, congratulations to Stravagante PR and everyone 
who worked in/with/ around this production!

 photo IMG_1952_zpsc7dbfa91.jpg  photo IMG_1938_zps30f6a60f.jpg

Quote of the day: I can’t wait for the next edition!

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