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Salonè Della Moda (Prt. 1)

2:55 PM

 photo IMG_1721_zpsc756b175.jpg
Different cultures 
bring different feelings!

After 2 intensive weeks of exams, 
I finally get the chance to reminisce on the past few fabulous and not to forget BUSY weeks that have passed.

I don’t know what the deal was, but October was so packed up with events that the month passed me by too fast… 

I think I might have even lost a few weave tracks in the process!

From hosting my veryfirst event at the Eau Lounge in Rotterdam, to heading out to 
the Hampshire Hotel in support of the breast cancer awareness event 
Pink Friday”, I can truly say that I have had a great time.

Of course every event has it’s own key features, which makes it into a big success. 
None of them are the same, that’s what makes them so enjoyable to attend.

Another event that I had the opportunity to attend was this year’s Salonè Della Moda
The 3rd and fierce edition of this event took place at the beautiful setting of 
the NHow hotel in Rotterdam.

Salonè Della Moda is an initiative by Stravagante PR, which offers it’s guests
 “A fashion experience surpassing every level” with (inter)national designers.

I attended the first day of this two-day event with friend and client stylist 
Ashlee Janelle Danso of Styled By YOU! Unfortunately, we had missed the first show 
due to traffic, but that didn’t stop us from enjoying our night out.

Scooped up at the entrance to be whisked away to the front row, 
where other bloggers and social influential individuals where sitting, 
was the perfect spot to get up all in the fashion craze that was going to happen.

We made it to the second show, which was the one that I had set all my hopes up for 
(not that I wasn’t interested in the others, but this one had triggered my curiosity ever since
 I had received the official press release!)


The ways this designer mixed and matched the magical Oriental with a little touch 
of Western “umph” had a girl WANTING to pack her bags and enjoy an nice vacation. 
(One day Hong Kong… One day!)

Rotterdam felt so far away for just a moment....

My favorite pieces from the collection!

 photo IMG_1682_zps4a325a35.jpg  photo salone2_zpseb18e713.jpg  photo IMG_1684_zpsbe793f32.jpg  photo salone18_zps05bf130e.jpg  photo salone22_zpsbc61a007.jpg  photo IMG_1692_zps8121fa77.jpg  photo salone26_zps95e04344.jpg  photo salone32_zps288f4125.jpg  photo salone34_zps355348a6.jpg  photo IMG_1715_zpscc7aec78.jpg

Thank the fashion gods for a little break that we had in between shows. It was time to walk around, enjoy the breathtaking view of Rotterdam at night and to mingle. And as usual I ran into a lot of pretty and sassy individuals & friends, and could not let these moment pass us by…. 
*pose for the camera, now CLICK CLICK*

 photo IMG_1753_zpsf6f2a4c4.jpg  photo IMG_1733_zpsedc3feae.jpg
 photo salone28_zpsaf98dc3a.jpg

From left to right:

Lifestyle blogger Beryl Valpoort, yours truly, 
stylist / blogger Ashlee Janelle Danso & lifestyle journalist Janice Deul

After I had recomposed myself from all that was going on 
and found my seat again, it was time for the last show of the evening.

The Tailors runway show was a big success. 
I mean, who doesn’t love men in suites.


 photo IMG_1757_zps15a2db17.jpg  photo salone42_zps05896ae2.jpg  photo salone44_zps9b1e3c38.jpg  photo salone49_zpsd5f17f27.jpg  photo salone52_zps08169035.jpg  photo salone55_zps5282a9ce.jpg  photo salone63_zps10e5132f.jpg

My panties were all in a bunch, when I found out that 1 of the models 
was actually Fab Morvan from former R&B sensation “Milli Vanilli” 
(I've just turned 25, but I do know my music history!)

 photo salone64_zps950a8a70.jpg

From the fine fabric, to the tailor made suites and luxurious accessories
 (and not to forget the handsome men), 
THIS show was the perfect finishing touch of an amazing 1st day!

Congratulations are in order for Trends & runway director Jerry Luxenburg and his 
FABULOUS team over at Stravagante PR for this event fashionable EXTRAVAGANZA!

 photo salone68_zps14fab059.jpg

Ya’ll did THAT!

 photo IMG_1835_zps4c7355cb.jpg

Outfit details: Flower printed ensemble: Marks & Spencer
Heels: Forever21. Black tank top: H&M.

Quote of the day: There is so much I wanted to cramp up in one post,
but I can't. Part 2 will be up tomorrow!

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