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Pink Friday: The 2nd Edition!

5:18 PM

 photo IMG_1579_zps7cfb6ac4.jpg

Because PINK makes the world such a beautiful place!

As the fabulous month of October is coming to an end, I can’t help but reminisce on one of my favorite events, which takes place EVERY October.

Off course I’m talking about 
Pink Friday”!

Pink Friday is an event created by SUPER WOMAN & breast cancer SURVIVOR Irene Hin of LadyAfrica. This event not only focuses on the great women who overcame the disease, but also the FABULOUS ladies who are still battling it!

This great cause brings people (especially women) of all kind of different walks of life together, to celebrate and enjoy this beautiful thing called life.

I was proud to be there during the first event and I was more than 
happy to be invited for the second edition!

This beautiful event, which took place in the classy banquet hall at the Hampshire Hotel in The Hague, 
was packed with great fashion and lifestyle stands. Once in the lobby of the hotel, I got greeted with 
a glass of sparkly pink champagne and got ready to take on the evening.

The mini-bites, great atmosphere and wonderful 
people were the perfect mix to make this event another GREAT success.

Visitors of the event were able to enjoy delicious bites, shop till they dropped, 
have their lashes done and not to forget win FABULOUS PRIZES!

CHILD, those prizes that people were able to win from the PINK LOTERY… were all 
THAT and a bag of macaroons! (I’m trying to lay off the chips for a while…)

From winning tickets to the Dutch “Dream Girls” musical, to a personal trainer or a couple
 of hours with a website designer…. 

Presenter Sylvana Simons (who looked FIERCE may I add) had a speech, 
which even had ME quiet for more than 5 min and a couple of other women teary-eyed.

Congratulations are in order for Irene Hin and her team, for NAILING IT yet again!

 photo IMG_1584_zps7825e928.jpg  photo IMG_1588_zps235ef8ee.jpg  photo IMG_1596_zps3db64da2.jpg  photo IMG_1621_zps6bc76685.jpg  photo IMG_1626_zpsfc1b8fbd.jpg  photo IMG_16671_zpsc9ce4e54.jpg  photo IMG_1645_zps0510a15b.jpg  photo IMG_16351_zpsd2d442de.jpg
 photo IMG_1651_zps26d7c010.jpg
 photo IMG_1656_zps9e426a30.jpg

Even though breast cancer awareness month is over, I still want to let 
ALL THE WOMEN OUT THERE, who are still battling this awful disease 
and the ones who have recovered from it, know that they are NOT ALONE.

And if you have to miss somebody due to it, know that whatever you do… 
there are people here for you.

Please ladies, don’t forget that you are NOT alone, 
and I am still wearing PINK for you!

 photo IMG_1582_zpsff67f209.jpg

Outfit details: Pink Blouse: H&M. Leather skirt: Forever21.Tights with diamonds: 
New Look. Heels: Bought it in a boutique in Brooklyn. Lipstick: MAC - Candy Yum Yum

Quote of the day: "We don't know how STRONG we are, 
until being STRONG is the only choice we have"

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