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Lifestyle Business Club - 010 Autumn Event

8:48 PM

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Dear autumn, please be good to us!

We have had a pretty “crispy” autumn up till now over here in Holland, if I may say so myself. Not really a fan of the cold and the rainy days, but those are the kind of days that are the coziest. 
(is that even a word?)

Warming up to a cup of hot chocolate with whipped cream and a little bit of 
Baileys (for that EXTRA HOT feeling!) whiles typing away on your laptop… 
are a daily routine during fall seasons for most of the hard working
 (fashion) writers, bloggers and everybody else who usually works from home.

Especially, now that I have A LOT of typing to do, due to the numerous events 
that I have attended over the past few weeks…the hot mixture just keeps on flowing!

October has been such a busy month, I can’t even explain how I managed to be 
all over the place AND look FABULOUS (without a glam-squad) all at the same time. 

Let me take you back to 2 weeks ago.

I had the honor to host the 010 Lifestyle Business Club – Autumn event, 
which was held at one of Rotterdam’s luxurious hot-spots; the Eau Lounge.

The Lifestyle Business Club is a networking platform with over more than 2000 members in 
The Netherlands, which focuses on entrepreneurs in the fashion, beauty and lifestyle industry. 
I have met a lot of great people since joining the club, and don’t regret it one bit. 
And with every city having it’s own club, you are bound to 
link up with others from around the country!

The venue was packed with fashion & lifestyle exhibitors. 
The perfect place for any woman (and men) to have a great night with out, 
while mixing business with pleasure!

Now some of you might think that because I have a BIG mouth and somehow sometimes 
end up in some type of controversy in the Dutch media, that this was a piece of cake for me….

Let me stop you RIGHT THERE!

I don’t know how many times I felt like peeing on myself, but I did!

Child, when all eyes (+ cameras) are GLUED on you… 
only a good pair of heels can keep you standing.  
You know what they say: 
Give a girl the right shoe and she can conquer the world!

As the minutes went by, I started to feel a lot better… 
and then my enthusiasm hit the roof!

From giving away FABULOUS gifts, to chatting it up with exhibitors and visitors
 to entertaining everyone, I can honestly say that I had a GREAT time hosting.

Congratulations to Lotte Rotscheid, for organizing such an 
AH-MAZING event and thank you to everybody who came out!

 photo IMG_1488_zpsb93d7c9a.jpg  photo IMG_1557_zps2c3cc708.jpg  photo IMG_1539copy_zps069bed1d.jpg  photo 10689680_387307334756683_5977774654787756886_n_zps9afbfe96.jpg  photo IMG_1560_zps9e17c1de.jpg  photo IMG_1563_zps681301e9.jpg  photo IMG_1547copy_zps28ca4109.jpg

I can't wait for the next Lifestyle Business Club event!

 photo IMG_15161_zps98828d12.jpg  photo IMG_1499_zps433fe4ff.jpg

Outfit details: Lace top & skirt: H&M

Click here for more pictures of the event.

Join in on the fun & connect with me on

Quote of the day: I'm now also available for events such as; fashion shows,bar mitzvahs, 
wedding receptions, christenings, birthdays, graduation parties and other stuff you need to book a FABULOUS HOST for!
(Yes, I like this hosting thing VERY much!)

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