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"Be so GOOD they can't ignore you!"

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This is quote has been haunting me for the past couple of months. I don’t know why I’ve been seeing it everywhere, but I think it was a sign for me to STEP UP my game, after having a little “holding back” moment.

Somewhere just before the summer started, and I had just gotten back from my trip to Ghana… was that “moment” of not being sure of what I was doing and where I wanted to go from that point on.

I had a vision… had a plan… but not the knowledge of how to execute what I wanted to do. Ever had that? ... 

I hope you have, because that means that you want to reach your 
fullest potential and become a better YOU!

You’re probably wondering why in Oscar de La Renta’s name,
the blog has been so quiet. (Rest In Perfect Peace)

Welp, sometimes you have to put something on the back burner, 
while you set your focus on something else.

People know me as a blogger, an outspoken women who has a strong opinion. 
Now mind you, I am not a b*tch, nor do I need to put other people down to state an opinion…
 even though I do know people who are like that… 
and if you “know” me personally and you feel offended… good! 

I LOVE blogging, it’s something that has ALWAYS helped me relax after a busy day. 
Sharing the things I love to TALK about, tried to EAT, GOSSIPED about with my girls,
 WORE to an event or saw on the FABULOUS catwalks of numerous fashion shows, 
is something that I’ll never stop doing…

BUT, *insert Destiny’s Childs’s “Independent Woman”
there is something that has always been on my mind… 


Yes, ladies & gentlemen, this 5-feet-fabulous woman with the gorgeous weave 
has added some new entrepreneurial aspects to her curriculum! It took me a while to find 
my way, but thanks to social media, it has never been easier to connect with big-time professionals 
who were willing to help me out.The connections I have made over the past months are amazing. 
From being able to share ideas with others, to getting my foot in the door 
in the PR-society of New York, while I’m in Holland…. 

I’ve also had the opportunity to talk with great businesswomen, 
who inspire me to strive for more and find the balance between “personal life” and
 a hectic business schedule. These past few months have been VERY motivational.

Blogging IS what I love, but I wanted to be known as more than just a blogger! 
(Don’t get me wrong, there is NOTHING wrong with being knows as a blogger… 
but for me, it wasn’t ENOUGH.) I noticed that people started recognizing me 
(calling me an “IT-Girl) on the streets and at events, telling me how much they liked
 what I was doing and how they felt like they could relate to me. 
It’s a big deal when people let you know that you inspire them!

I always tell people that they have as many hours in a day as
 BeyoncĂ©! Use every second to be as FABULOUS as you can!  
 And that is why I wanted to get MORE out of life. 
As you have noticed, the blog has gotten a MAJOR makeover. 
The girl got that BeyoncĂ© weave, a waist cincher, 
eyelash extensions, a facelift and everything!

I’m not totally there yet, and a lot more is going to change, but join me on my journey 
and I’ll promise to share more of my daily shenanigans, the controversies that somehow 
always end up on my path, the great events that I attend, the (PR) business ventures 
and endorsements and not to forget my ultimate guilty pleasers…

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I’m back to SHAKE UP THE INDUSTRY; it’s been too quiet!

Join in on the fun and connect with me on

Quote of the day: Autumn/ Winter2014 is going to 
be GREAT season for Cosmos & Lipstick!

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