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For the love of Lady Africa!

4:34 PM

 photo IMG_9333_zps2ad36ce7.jpg

Because colors beautifies the soul.

The fashion week stress is over, which means that I can get back to my other shenanigans, which consist of multiple pedicures, enjoying great drinks on hot summer nights, working and everything that has to do with fashion.

And speaking of fashion, if you have been following me on 
social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, 
you might have been able to witness a few of the things that 
have been keeping me busy these past few weeks.

The thing that I mostly like a bout blogging is the fact that you
 have the opportunity to attend A LOT of events! Unfortunately for my busy schedule, 
I’m not always able to attend all the events I get invited to because: 
A. I’m might be working, B. I might be tied up to attend another event or 
C. I can’t always figure out what to wear 
(the last option has never held me back …YET… because I’m good at improvising and recycling outfits. You don’t want to be caught wearing the EXACT same outfit twice. No ma’am!)
One of my favorite brands celebrated their joined collaboration
 with Rotterdam based PR firm “Stravagante PR”.

Lady Africa is the name, and authenticity items are their fame.

For the love of EVERYTHING FABULOUS given to us by the FASHION GODS
 I JUST CAN’T GET ENOUGH of the fabulousness that this brand is representing.

The classy bags, the colorful clothing and the unique jewelry, 
which is made by precious African hands, is enough to make any human being 
wanting to travel to Africa to discover the rich culture that this beautiful continent has to offer.

Because I couldn’t make it to the event (due to general labor, a.k.a my normal day-job… because blogging doesn’t pay the bills just yet) I visited Stravagante PR’s showroom a couple of days after.

Oh Holy Anna Wintour!

That show room is a FASHION LA LA Land! All those FANTABULOUS goodies are enough to have a girl feeling like she can be anything she wants to be… with the right closet!

After a little chitchat with Fashion Director Jerry Luxenburg and PR manager Deborah, 
It was time for me to have some fun with my camera.

I always enjoy capturing the beautiful things 
that make my heart skip several beats…

Lady Africa NEVER disappoints!

 photo IMG_9313_zps985c8ab9.jpg
 photo IMG_9314_zps1e63838d.jpg
 photo IMG_9318_zps44680bdb.jpg
 photo IMG_9319_zpsa76f3f1d.jpg
 photo IMG_9321_zpsc136ec6e.jpg
 photo IMG_9322_zps2fe2d0c3.jpg
 photo IMG_9324_zps3ccd6ef9.jpg
 photo IMG_9327_zps0a608400.jpg
 photo IMG_9328_zpsdfac3d10.jpg
 photo IMG_9329_zps1dcab1df.jpg
 photo IMG_9330_zpsc2ddfadd.jpg
 photo IMG_9331_zps88eecccf.jpg
 photo IMG_9338_zpsc9cabb32.jpg
 photo IMG_9340_zps5ac9137c.jpg
 photo IMG_9342_zps92f2ef0b.jpg
 photo IMG_9344_zpsf37f523c.jpg
 photo IMG_9357_zps727b0187.jpg
 photo IMG_9353_zps3a519476.jpg

Thank you to everybody over at Stravagante PR for having me.
I can’t wait to pass by again and have some more fun!

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Quote of the day: All those COLORS! YEAASS GAWD!

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