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Chris has wings on his feet!

10:20 PM

Red Bull doesn't give you wings, but Jeremy Scott does!

So after all these rumors about Chris Brown's appearance on “Good Morning America” yesterday, I had to take a look for my self and see what the hell the commotion was all about…

You know, at one point I understand the fact that he tried to re-direct the answers to the question he was being asked back to his album. (That’s why he was on the show in the first place…to promote F.A.M.E)

I mean, com’on… how the hell is he supposed to move on, if the media only wants to talk about “what happened THAT night”

I’m not saying what he did was right…but people need to just move on.

First it was that, now it’s them pictures of him in …well…nothing… we've seen other celebs do it all before…*yawn*

The thing that IMMEDIATELY caught my attention was Chris’s shoe game!
Home boy was on point!

Chris was wearing a pair of Jeremy Scott by Adidas of the Spring/Summer 2011 collection
with grey socks.

These babies are fully transparent, so if you wanna wear them…make sure you don’t wear sock with holes in them…or worse…2 different colors!
For the people living here in Holland, these shoes are available at the Adidas Store in Rotterdam
(I saw them last week…hurry up, there was only 1 pair left!), Eindhoven & Amsterdam.

For stylist --> the ladies at Press Only will surely help you out… the Jeremy Scott Collection is on the 3rd floor ;)

Quote of the night: "I believe I can FLY!"

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