Sylvester Stallone & a clothing line?

9:24 PM

Let's get ready to RUMMBBLLEEE!

Sylvester Stallone is launching a men’s clothing line
based on his characters from the Rocky and Rambo movies.

Stallone and his business partner Michael Henry
talked about the line in the most recent issue of Men’sWeek,
which is sort of like Newsweek, except it’s about the men’s wear industry.

Stallone told the magazine he’s been inspired by the fashion business
for years, he’s even been asked to lend his name to a clothing line in the past.
It just didn't feel right until he was ready to do it on his own.

The label, which will go by the name Stallone,
will be targeted at a pretty wide base. When it launches next year,
it’s expected to hit mid retailers in the USA like Macy’s and
hopes to become a big hit with guys between 25 and 40.
Stallone won’t just have clothes, it’s a full lifestyle brand which will include
outerwear, underwear, fragrances, grooming products and even eye-wear.

Quote of the day:... Because we need ANOTHER celebrity to come out with a line...

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