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Paris Je t'aime!

10:01 PM

And then I was back in the country!

Is it just me or, is time passing by so fast,
you might loose your head somewhere?!!


It’s been like three weeks already since I've gone to Paris!
I REALLY miss it!!!
Seriously had a great time. The food, the people,
the FASHION!! Oh la la!

I’m telling you, If you are planning on going to Paris…
do me a favor and stay a week or so.
I went with my girls for 4 days, and it wasn't enough!

There is just too much to see!

We saw the Eiffel Tower, I waited 40 min inline at La Duree to get some Macarons,
I almost got in a fight on the subway, I got lost in Louis Vuitton,
walked 1000 miles (I’m exaggerating…) on my wedges,
eat the FINEST risotto EVER,
walked an (imaginary) catwalk at the Louvre (and people like it!),
screamed “ILLUMINATIE” as soon as I saw the Louvre (lol!),
had to walk to the hotel at 2 am cause we had missed the last subway,
saw the cutest OPI Nail bar,
eyeballed the SICKEST shoes,and etc.

Yes life is NEVER boring when you’re with me!

I even got myself on the spot wear they shot one of the scenes of “The Devil Wears Prada”
(ya’ll remember at the end, the fountain where Andrea threw her phone in
after getting out of the car?
I was tempted to get rid of my BlackBerry too at that moment!
(I ordered the Iphone 4, cause this phone is driving me GAGA!)

For more pics, check out my album on Facebook!

Quote of the day: Paris je serai de retour!
I'm planning on going back in May!

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