Girls on their GRIND!

6:22 PM

I fell a sleep on the couch!

You know when your eyes start to open, cause somebody is calling you
 while you tryna’ rest, your vision is all blurry and ish!

So I was looking for my Iphone, when the ringing stopped (*angry face*)

The first thing is did was go on Facebook because I wanted to put a whole rant 
on that person’s wall…& then sum’ caught my eye.

I saw Aisha’s new video on someone’s wall. (For the readers outside of the country, Aisha is a female mc who sings/raps in Dutch & who's well known in the “scene”)

The first time I heard/saw Aisha, was last year during the summer.
She came & preformed some of her songs, which the video's are now coming out,
at a "Open Mic" event here in The Hague.
She was looking DOPE!

For more info, check out her website : www.iamaisha.com

So I checked the video out… the first thing I saw was that BANGING SKIRT Aisha was wearing!!! *hearty eyes* (I jumped on the info space, looked up for the stylist, found her on Facebook and send a message on Twitter!...yes I’m assertive like that! Lol!)

The stilling has been done by the one and only Kim Keizer.

I remember Kim walking up at Press Only a few times when I was an intern! 
I was like WAAUUWWW!!
Girl looks FAB!

Kim’s work has been featured in all kinds of different magazines, video’s commercials & editorials.

This girl is on her grind!
For more on Kim & her work check out www.kimkeizer.nl

Here’s Aisha’s new video for the song “Fokkin Normaal”

                                        Kim Keizer                                             Aisha


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