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Le Freak C'est Chique!

12:07 AM

You know that feeling when people tell you that you can’t do stuff, 
but you try to prove them wrong?

And when you succeed, all of a sudden, the same people who 
said you couldn’t do it are all up in yo grill!

Welcome to my past few weeks!

It’s been fun seeing other people trying 
to bring me down & not succeed.

The weather has been bananas, the fashion has 
been ballistic & the wine has been tasteful!

These past few weeks I had a chance to look “around” in the world and
 observe err’body & their baby mommas.

My exam period has past & the sun has been shining.
I cut my hair & found a maxi dress. Got to meet an AMAZING girl from Dallas, headed over back to Press Only for a Press Day, celebrated the queens bday 
(Dutch people should NEVER drink & dance), 
my BFF asked if I would be her wedding planner…
and we found the dress!!! had a casting call for an upcoming event I’m working on 
( I tell ya’ll more about that later on), changed up the blog & went MIA for a few days in another country.


But besides me, other people also got they “shine on”.
Beyonce got her DIVA on in Paris & made a remake of her hit “Get Me Bodied” & Changed it into “Move Your Body”, Kate Middleton looked FAB in Alexander McQueen, Rihanna is still a red-head, 
Kelly Rowland gave me a new “Motivation” & Lady Gaga is still…well Lady Gaga!

Let's move on the fashion!

Quote of the night: Fashion & Chaos, My favorite!

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