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9:07 PM

Ever since I’ve got back from being MIA (having some rest, relaxing & shopping), everything has been going so fast. Oh My Goodness!

And the thing is, every day that passes by is so different.!

I’ve getting to understand my Iphone more & more. I know what ya’ll are thinking “Girl why the hell is it taking yo ass son long?” But ya’ll have to understand that LIFE AFTHER a BlackBerry is a real REVELATION!

Le Boyfriend always tells me that I ain’t go no patience. Well you damn right I don’t!

I’ve had the opportunity to get Instagram on my phone. To all the IPhone owners out there, Instagram is the bom.com! (if you’re looking for me: Akua “Kiwi” Konadu) I seriously make pictures of everything that I bump into! Lol! & off course of my friends… they don’t always like it, but they have NO choice! :). I drive them crazy & love to wine & dine with them!

A big tradition here that we had a few weeks ago was celebrating the “birthday” of the Queen aka Queen’s Night / Queens day. During these two days, everybody is off & gets totally wasted. Every town has a fair & the music is hella loud. Yes, Dutch people like to PARTY!

So for the high school students over here, the big FINALS have arrived. I tried to call my lil’ cousin over the weekend & these were her words: “Kiwi don’t you dare call me again, I have to study!”…*blank stare*

She NEVER used to want to study, now all of a sudden Miss Thang kinda cus my ass out for just wanting to know how she was holding up.(I might call again tonight to see if she’s still alive!)

One of the most shocking but yet amazing thing that has happen lately, is that I’ve been trying to hook my best friend up with one of my other friends…and they are now a couple! It all happened over sushi!

I have tried to get these two together for some time now…and it finally happened. I think Patty Stanger can pack up her stuff…I’m the NEW matchmaker! Lol

Ow yeah, I cut my hair a few weeks ago…and now it’s long again…long live the weaves!
And another thing…Steven Madden has FINALLY opened up a store in the centre of Amsterdam!

Well enough typing for now!

Quote of the day: Live life to the fullest

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