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Cosmos & Lipstick: Girls Night Out!

9:04 PM

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I’m bringing sexy back!

Ladies, have ya’ll ever had the need to do something that you had never done before? Or something that you only dreamed of doing…. But never really had the opportunity to do…

Well, maybe this can be your chance to do something…. totally out of your comfort zone!

I am proud to announce that I will be hosting my very first event of the year, this coming Friday, February 28th !

Cosmos & Lipstick is partnering up with PaaldansZoetermeer for the ULTIMATE

We are going to have some SERIOUS fun, while mastering the art that is POLE DANCING!

Ladies, it’s time to let you hair down & enjoy a night of fun with your girlfriends and other ladies alike who dare to get in contact with their sexy side… and to be honest, there is nothing WRONG with that. (I’m strongly against the status quo of what people define as being appropriate… ain’t nobody got time for that!)

 photo 1604434_287090881444996_1780104102_n_zpsc88ce5e5.jpg
As the month of February is coming to an end, I thought that it would be a great idea to close it off with some sexy-time.

Let’s be honest for a split second, if BeyoncĂ© can go a round and re-claim herself, why can’t other ladies go out of their way and enjoy themselves as well however they want to? (Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t expect every female to go out there and flaunt her goodies for the whole world to see)

We, as women are often so busy competing with each other that we 
forget that we can also have a great time with one another…

And I am rambling on, but you guys know what I mean!

I first came in contact with the ladies of Paaldans Zoetermeer a few weeks 
ago when I was attending the Angels Fashion ladies night event in Rotterdam.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. These girls were BAD AS HELL
(And with bad, I mean HELLA FABULOUS!) 

 photo 1891000_287090874778330_1316776548_n_zps0e6145f6.jpgI know I HAD to follow a class, and so I came up with the Girls Night Out event! 
I think that EVERY WOMAN should have at least tried pole dancing ONCE in her LIFETIME!

I’ve been to strip clubs before and visit them whenever I’m in New York, (I hope my mom doesn’t read this!) and have always been intrigued by all those tricks these girls can do. I’m not going to lie, it looks easy… but I know for sure it can be a challenge to hold up your own body weight… especially when you’re hanging upside down.

Ever since pole dancing became a “fitness hype” it has broken down the barriers of being something “shameful” and something women shouldn’t be talking about… let alone be doing.

But we all know how I do, when people tell me to go left… I’ll go right!

Being in your Twenties is challenging! Hell, this is the time when we
 all try and go our own ways… to look & find our selves.

And therefor I would like to invite YOU to come and join me this coming Friday, February 28th, in Zoetermeer to enjoy a pole dancing workshop, followed by some healthy drinks, sponsored by Aspire Drinks Nederland, and snacks & sweets by DI-JCupcakes.

 photo 1012529_287090878111663_1861859316_n_zpsbafeb4e5.jpg
Our other sponsors for the event have also come up with FABULOUS and meaningful goodies that we will be giving away during the night. (I can’t tell too much, but if you love bandage dresses and would like to opt for a sexy look… I’d suggest you come to the event!)

For only 25 Eros's p.p. you will get to learn the sexiest tricks in the business by a certified pole dancing DIVA!

There are still a few places available; if you want to register you can send an email to cosmosandlipstick@yahoo.com
 photo FINAL_zps2322c693.jpg

The Cosmos & Lipstick: Girls Night Out is sponsored by:

Quote of the day: Nobody remembers the nights they stayed at home and got plenty of sleep!

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