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Rihanna: Not A Single F#%$ Was Given!

11:08 PM

 photo tumblr_n1q1gg0RS21ro1dyeo1_500_zps5f492905.jpg

This is my confession!

I don’t even know how to start this post.

First of all, let me be clear on one thing… I am and nor will I EVER be a fan or Rihanna. Half of the time, I don’t even get bothered about her and EVERYTHING she does and or stands for… 
(Read: Reading her for filth)

But hell, I’ve got to give credit where credit is due...

This chick has been SLAYING 
everybody and their grandmothers whiles sitting pretty during Paris Fashion Week!

I’m talking about LIFE AFTER DEATH here!

I had made this confession a few days ago to my friends; these girls started laughing at me. 
I don’t think people understand how hard is it for me to say this…
 my ego is just TOO BIG to ADMINT that I’ve been feeling Rihanna’s EVERY
 move AND outfit this week.

This careless diva can do NO wrong on this one.

From the fur, to the bra-less top (Dear Ratchets, please don’t 
attempt to re-create this look… you’re not about THAT life!) 
& cap with a veil… I’M GETTING MY LIFE!


 photo tumblr_n1xc1raHRO1qzclrjo1_500_zps5df16cd3.png

 photo dior_2841417a_zpsd0637d44.jpg

 photo rexfeatures_3612930g_zps03aa76e6.jpg

 photo article-2571023-1BF2A80200000578-171_306x739_zps39e793b5.jpg

 photo 1798394_10153836704350307_36324803_n_zpsdf99bf8a.jpg

 photo 650007-8d905d4a-a00f-11e3-a562-7581a373430e_zpse4c3a772.jpg

 photo comme-show_2841423a_zps514df65f.jpg

 photo article-2572862-1C0722EC00000578-191_634x956_zps0328c1a6.jpg

 photo tumblr_n1wuxujqeM1ro1dyeo1_500_zps3552c26a.png

 photo rihanna-balmain-paris-fashion-week-after-show-party-pic158802_zpsc749b190.jpg

 photo rihanna-pfw-2014-1_zps0405330a.jpg

 photo stella-show_2841405a_zpsdb1fdcce.jpg

 photo Rihanna_5_zps32519260.jpg

 photo Rihanna-Paris-Fashion-Week-Miu-Miu-Fall-2014_zpsabff4346.jpg

And this ladies & gentlemen, is how you SWERVE on everybody around you.

This chick couldn’t give two flying F**** about people’s opinion… 
she’s sitting PRETTY on the FRONT ROW!

Quote of the day: I think I’m going to have a to step up my fashion game this spring!

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