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Fashion Friday: Kelis's Closet

2:39 PM

 photo Kelis-491_zpsaa6da16a.jpg

These goodies are better than milkshake!

The first thing I think about when people mention Kelis, is her hit “Milkshake” 
(And then of course I get back to my
“Caught Out There”… if you don’t know THIS song, you’re probably too young to even read this… Google is your friend in need… PLEASE use it!).

I know everybody had a “thing” for that song. I remember the first time
watching the video…
 I was all over the place!
Even though it was a simple video, the thing that totally got my attention…
was her corset 
(and all those tasty looking milkshakes!)

That thing looked so FAB, I had to have one.
I never found one I liked though, so after searching the world wide web,
I just dropped it and took it as a sign of the Fashion Gods not wanting me to push my,
 mosquito bites that I called “breasts” at that time, in people’s faces.

But that’s not the point here…

The people over at The Coveteur had the opportunity to take a look into the 
FASHION VALHALLA that is Keli’s closet!

I can’t even explain the overall emotions that took over my
 body when I found out that people ACTUALLY set foot in her closet.

Ya’ll don’t understand how MAJOR this is. Kelis, who as been known to be the ultimate poster child of vintage goodies & crazy fashion statements (Nicki, please have a SEAT), NEVER opened up her closet to anyone… this is even better than that time I found out that McDonald's was starting a delivery service in my city!
 (Yes, I am an undercover fat ass… but at least I know my flaws.
 The first step to recovery is ACKNOWLEDGING the problem. Remember that!)

I first stumbled upon her pictorial on my Tumblr dashboard a few days ago.
Kelis dressed in a PINK OVER SIZED TUTU gave me all types of heat flashes!

We all know by now that I have a secret fetish for tutus!
They’re just EVERYTHING.

Kelis’s closet is so much more than what had I expected it to be.
From the vintage Chanel pieces, to the incredible heels….
I feel like a little girl at a candy store… drooling over stuff her mom won’t buy.

Ugh, but thank you to Kelis for opening up.
This closet is MORE THAN FABULOUS!

 photo Kelis-381_zps9bc82171.jpg

 photo Kelis-10_zps7222f844.jpg
 photo Kelis-421_zps8607b47d.jpg
 photo Kelis-1_zps4dcb626c.jpg  photo Kelis-32_zps501f39be.jpg  photo Kelis-27_zpseacbd2e5.jpg  photo Kelis-23_zpsc598ee6a.jpg
 photo Kelis-34_zps2c7810f8.jpg  photo Kelis-33_zpsa7523c3c.jpg  photo Kelis-31_zpsd7d56e5a.jpg  photo Kelis-501_zps3c7fc506.jpg  photo Kelis-30_zps8e093fc1.jpg  photo Kelis-29_zpsbb804406.jpg  photo Kelis-451_zpscfb36842.jpg  photo Kelis-28_zpse8db28b3.jpg  photo Kelis-481_zpsed50cb12.jpg  photo Kelis-26_zpsc5d8118a.jpg  photo Kelis-24_zps3844b174.jpg  photo Kelis-18_zps3c97f3ac.jpg
 photo Kelis-441_zps0cf1142b.jpg  photo Kelis-25_zpsbc7673fb.jpg  photo Kelis-22_zps4f3d55b9.jpg  photo Kelis-21_zpsf41fd683.jpg  photo Kelis-19_zpsfa27de62.jpg  photo Kelis-411_zpsa453aead.jpg  photo Kelis-17_zpsf2b6a485.jpg  photo Kelis-16_zpsc115a044.jpg  photo Kelis-15_zpsd03a3566.jpg  photo Kelis-14_zps6b5e5298.jpg  photo Kelis-12_zps67322fde.jpg  photo Kelis-11_zps0db667a9.jpg  photo Kelis-39_zpsdbb21c28.jpg

Quote of the day: That golden bathtub… I NEED!

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