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Taren Guy: Luv & Learn Your Hair Amsterdam

4:20 PM

 photo 1174753_685709578123839_657366167_n_zpse678f343.png

Giiirrrllll, you better WURK that hair!

There is ONE thing I like about Mondays (but I still wish it was Friday though) and that is the fact that I can open up my mailbox and find the most INTERESTING emails. From advertising inquiries, to press releases on the newest IT items / beauty products and of course not to forget… invitations to parties.

Even though I have to be a little selective as to what I actually want to put on the blog, it’s still great to receive emails like that.
Reflecting all the hard work!

I know some people might think that blogging is all about being pretty and be seen at the greatest parties or events… which can SOMETIMES the case, but for some of us who REALLY 
enjoy writing about the stuff that we love… it’s just MORE than that.

Speaking of doing something that you love, for the “Natural” ladies (and with NATURAL, I mean ladies who have stopped using chemicals in their hair… if you do not know what I’m talking about…  Google IS your best friend in times of need), YouTube Naturalista Guru Taren Guy is coming to Amsterdam next week!

(And this is the part where all of you go; 

I remember meeting Taren back in October during the “Pearl Event”…
Wait let me rephrase that.

I remember BUMPING into Taren’s HAIR back in October during the “Pearl Event”.
 (How it REALLY went down!)

The impact that her FABULOUS Afro had on me… I just couldn’t believe my eyes.
The mystery that is Taren’s HAIR, is by far even more intriguing than the “Bermuda Triangle”!

How the hell can her hair be so

Well, if you’re as curious as I am, or you’re just starting your own transition into the
“Natural Kingdome”, Taren  is the woman to lead you into the journey in achieving
FAB and HEALTHY hair.

And even if you’re not into going “natural”
(I’m sorry, I still love to rock them 28 inches from time to time…)
this upcoming “Luv & LearnYour Hair” event by NaturalBlackHair 
with special guest Taren Guy is a MUST for every woman.

This international diva, which has over more than 188.000 YouTube subscriptions,
 knows what she is talking about and loves to spread her knowledge
 and educate the masses about all things “HAIR”.

From having a “ LIVE BIG CHOP ” on stage
(I don’t know who will be brave enough to do this?!?!) to hair demonstrations,
stands full of goodies and a Q & A session with Taren, this event is set to
 be the BEST thing Holland has had in a while!

 photo tumblr_mvg6ia9qLG1qakrqto1_500_zps555fb83a.png  photo 1476271_747501588611304_424533547_n_zps806cd3e7.jpg
 photo maxresdefault_zpsf8a3a01f.jpg  photo Taren_Guy-600x595_zpsb2099f44.jpg  photo tumblr_muiwmozB0E1soshnjo1_500_zpsa7a537b5.jpg

 photo nbhevent2btg2_zps4e0f1425.jpg

Tickets are still available, so hurry up & purchase them here.

I can’t wait to bump into a few of you on Friday March 21!

Quote of the day: I heard that the girl with the FABEST AFRO 
will get a prize… damn these braids!

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