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Up close & Personal: New beginnings!

11:43 PM

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 A wise person once told me; “the mind is a terrible thing to waist”. I couldn’t have agreed more on that… and I am thankful that all my exams are over! 

 There were so many things I wanted to do in the month of January, but did I get the chance to?

(Well except for working my booty off during Amsterdam International Fashion Week

 Anyways, a new year has started, and let me tell you….
I have been all over the freaking place since the middle of December.
I don’t know what it was, but I was feeling like one of those Duracell bunnies...
you know, the ones who just keep on going till there is no tomorrow… 

 And then came the holidays. Those moments you’re supposed to spend with your
loved ones… I spend them with the love of my life. That special someone who always 
keeps me warm at night… Mr. Bed! 

 All these days that passed me by, without me having any care in the world, were the best… 
well except for the days that I had to “study”. Even though I was too busy watching
“Sex & The City” re-runs with some wine on the side,
 I still tried to make an effort to educate myself… and make sure I’d pass my exams.

 (And entered the New Year on my BADDEST behavior! 
I think Ciroc needs a new endorsement aka MOI! lol!) 

 In a time where girls like Miley Cyrus (YES THIS IS SHADE!)
try to conquer the world by being EXTRA, people’s mothers are on “reality shows”
like “Real Housewives of Atlanta” fighting with each other…
I think it’s important to grab some books and read something useful.

 But I’ll have to admit… I do LOVE some of these ratchet shows.

 Speaking of TV shows, all these new shows have me on the verge of my
seat every other day.  To the ladies out there… have ya’ll seen these new shows;
Being Mary Jane” & “Blood, Sweat & Heels”?


 YEAAASS HUNNY! I am all for women empowering each other and
 working towards building a successful career for themselves… YEAASSSSSS!!!

 If your not familiar whit these shows… stop what the hell
you’re doing and start looking for them
(well, finish reading this post first…I’m not writing
 this at THIS time of the day, for ya’ll NOT to read it!)

 Seriously, the fashion chronicles that goes by during all these episodes is just
TOO MUCH for my mere mortal soul. And don’t get me started on
 the wardrobe of the new season of “Single Ladies”!

 Good. FASHION. Gods!

 But enough of my secret life as a fashion couch potato who spends
 her free time catching up on other people’s lives, wishing she owned 50 pairs of
 Louboutins and 20 different Celine bags.

 (The struggle to not destroy my credit card is HELLA REAL!)

 I have missed posting stuff on my blog, BUT I have been very
productive when it came to Cosmos & Lipstick!

For the ones following the page on Facebook & on Instagram,
ya’ll know I have been up to a lot of things and as stated before…

I’ve been to a lot of places in these past 2 months.
 So yes, for everyone wanting to know what is going on and what has happened…
I will have tons of “Throwback” posts… even when it’s not Thursday!

 And I’m also working on getting “sexy back” on YouTube!
 (Get ready for my nonsense!)

 There has been SO MUCH….and I don’t feel like having angry people
standing at my door at 2 AM, because they’re still waiting on my posts!

 I’m making it up to EVERYBODY & their 45inch lacefront wigs.

 There are a few things that are going to go a little bit more differently
then some of ya’ll have been used to. I’m on an entrepreneurial move.

 Unfortunately, I can’t spill too much tea, so that’s why
I ask ya’ll to have a little more patience…

 I’ll leave ya’ll for now, but make sure to check
the blog out every other day… stuff is bound to happen…

it’s time to get more upfront and personal in 2014!

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Quote of the day: Time to show my true colors… are ya’ll ready?

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