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I was invited to I AM AISHA’s show case a couple of weeks a go, but got tangled up in other stuff right after the show, that I didn’t have the time to write up a follow up on it.

I blame it on Beyoncé for preforming the week in Amsterdam, and basically taking up on all of my willing power and soul for a week.

I AM AISHA who has been featured on the blog earlier last year, 
as to be one of my “Superwoman” metaphors in the Dutch music industry. 
This woman has come a long ways since she first appeared on the 4th season of Dutch Idols. 
(Don’t even remember which has-been won that season…
 #NoShade#OkJustALittle…. #NeverMindThisIsTheApocalypse!)

Let’s be real, it seems that all contestants who win… end up somewhere on 
the back burner after a few DAYS of success. Just my opinion.

Anyways, after receiving a personal invite from Aisha herself, 
I decided to grab the opportunity to wear my spiked out heels, 
which I haven’t worn in a while, and have a fun night out in 
the Dutch city that NEVER sleeps a.k.a. Amsterdam!

Headed out to the Sugar Company in Amsterdam, accompanied with upcoming stylist & my 
Instagram-cruch Verlaino Pinas (who will be showcasing his skills in a couple 
of weeks during the end presentation of Styled by You in Amsterdam),
 my camera and my Jeffrey Campbell’s, we were ready to enjoy a 
night full of great styling… and of course music.

And people, did my girl Aisha deliver! (3 snaps for The Baddest Celebrity Stylist
 in the game, Kim Keizer & her FABULOUS BLUE HAIR!)

Dressed in a cute pair of leather shorts, a white tank top with leather shoulders and a sick pair of black studded Timbaland-inspired boots (which she later traded in for Dr.Martens) and with most items coming from LA, from Kim’s many trips to the States, had my girl Aisha looking FAB & relaxed enough to take on the crowd and made sure that we were having a good time! 

(I even found the time to twerk my booty to some of my favorite songs such as: 
Hey Boy”, Fokkin Normaal”, “Rebel” & “Herrie in me oor
 (with Jebroer’s cute self who came out on stage!)

We had the chance to sneak backstage (and OF COURSE I couldn’t say no!) and see what was going on. With the dressing room being packed with people and stuff to eat (ya’ll know I got that side eye always looking out for food!) only thing I wanted was to hug on my girl & taking picks 

( I even bumped into Jayh’s fine ass! 
I'm mad nobody warned me he looked this CUTE in real-life!
 *fans her self *)

This showcase was all that and then some more!

 photo IMG_7276_zpse1e302de.jpg  photo IMG_7280_zps9a640d27.jpg  photo IMG_7308_zps77ce672a.jpg  photo IMG_7322_zps0ffc6498.jpg  photo IMG_7334_zps3953790e.jpg  photo IMG_7349_zps0b2ffd16.jpg  photo IMG_7374_zpsb2295b5e.jpg  photo IMG_7379_zpsb0a3e23a.jpg  photo IMG_7386_zps53bb2716.jpg  photo IMG_7388_zpsbbedc793.jpg  photo IMG_7391_zpscc9c9520.jpg  photo IMG_7405_zps6136f580.jpg  photo IMG_7407_zpsdf88e2fa.jpg  photo IMG_7424_zpsfb60c4e5.jpg  photo IMG_7419_zps991505f2.jpg

Outfit details:  Lace top: H&M, Leather pants: H&M, Heels: Jeffrey Campbell
(ps: Don't mind my face... I was tired as hell!)

click here for more pictures!

Quote of the day: I’m gonna need those MERCEDES-BENZ earrings in my life!

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