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Lifestyle Business & Art Event!

8:06 PM

 photo IMG_7709_zpsed211c43.jpgThe bad news is, time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot!
- Marc Coblen

“Kings Day” - weekend has officially passed (if you don’t know what Kings Day is… It’s just another day where the Dutchies have another reason to drink and celebrate life… oh yeah and it’s also the day that the country celebrates the birthday of the king)… and I’m over here still trying to figure out how in the hell the month of April could have passed so fast… I mean come on; it was just April 1st a few weeks ago!

Anyways, I’m glad we are getting closer to the summer, 
because a girl I sick and tired of wearing sweaters and jeans! 
Where is the FREAKING summer???

My legs need air and my perfectly pedicured toes need to be seen… 

I do thank the heavens for the fact that we have had a few days of sunshine in the past few weeks.
I gladly took the opportunity to head out to the “Lifestyle Business Club” Spring Event,
 which took place at the beginning of the month in the Art’otel in Amsterdam, to rock a leather skirt…
 WITHOUT any pantyhose!


This Dutch weather will never keep me down! 
(But thank God for a good friend of mine who came to pick my girl 
Frizz & I up in the evening…. I would have frozen to death!)

This fabulous event, which was hosted by PR lady Erica Meure-Pool from MMPR & Arzu Aksoy, 
owner of fashion label I AM ZU, was the perfect combination of fashion and art at its FINEST!

From the healthy smoothies provided by “Princess” kitchen equipment’s, to the delicious 24K Gold wine from Vin DorĂ© & the many entrepreneurs I met… AND one of the most GORGEOUS BAGS I set my eyes on….
this event was bound to be more than EVERYTHING.
(more about that bag in the next post!)

Guests of the event were able to follow a “catwalking” session, enjoy some sweet little bites
and of course the whole reason why being present at one of these events is all about…. 

Oh…. No wait… that’s what I USUALLY do!
(After I’ve chitchatted with everybody… you never know whom you
 might run into at these events. It’s all about NETWORKING!)

It’s always a great experience to be at an event, where you might bump into your
 next “partner in crime” when it comes to working in the fashion & lifestyle field.

And not to forget the GREAT giveaways during these events!

Hell, people were getting “Princess” mixers left and right, great branding books, wine and etc.
I felt like I was present during one of Oprah’s giveaway shows 
(“And you get a car, you get a car… EVERYBODY GETS A CAR *SCREAMS* )

Yours truly even received a FABULOUS watch by Marc Coblen
 (now I don’t have an excuse to be late anymore…. Who am I kidding…. running late will never get out of MY FASHION! Looking the way I do, doesn’t happens in 5 min. and besides… the GLAMOROUS Coco Chanel didn’t create her brand in one day… IT TAKES TIME!)

 photo IMG_7696_zps5cff370c.jpg  photo IMG_7690_zpscf8ea99b.jpg  photo IMG_7707_zps3b4ef48d.jpg  photo IMG_7699_zpsdb6a6804.jpg  photo IMG_7701_zps7b9c25d3.jpg  photo IMG_7705_zpsa1c960ef.jpg  photo IMG_7706_zps40c0c1b8.jpg  photo IMG_7787_zpsd2446942.jpg  photo IMG_7788_zps347c0a99.jpg  photo IMG_7791_zps1d741888.jpg  photo IMG_7794_zpsb5cf079f.jpg  photo IMG_7802_zps8e7556cd.jpg  photo IMG_7812_zpsadc69b4b.jpg  photo IMG_7815_zps4ca8761b.jpg
 photo IMG_7820_zps6a393bee.jpg  photo IMG_7839_zps78e35287.jpg  photo IMG_7841_zps259630df.jpg

The next “Lifestyle Business Club” event will be taking place in MY beautiful city on May 6th
The FABULOUS Harbour Club in Scheveningen will be opening its doors for all fashion & lifestyle entrepreneurs ready to mingle & talk business in a relax setting. If you want to be part of this great networking event, make sure to get your tickets ASAP!

They are still available here.

 photo IMG_7715_zps0d655b92.jpg
 photo IMG_7723_zps3f1c83a3.jpg
 photo IMG_7722_zpsdfa9728e.jpg
 photo IMG_7717_zpsfd7bf0dc.jpg
 photo IMG_7729_zpsae16b2db.jpg

Outfit details: Turqouis jacket: local boutique in The Hague (studded myself), 
Lace top: Primark, Faux leather skirt & bracelets: River Island
Heels: Jeffrey Campbells Lipstick: MAC - Candy Yum Yum 

 photo IMG_8144_zps51fc9646.jpg

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