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LLYHTour X NBH Event

6:56 PM

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"I dedicate this post to my grandmother. The woman I was named after, the one I inherited my no-nonsense temper from, the one who always made me laugh… Grandma you will be highly missed" 

I’ve learned so much about hair in the past few weeks, the things it can do… black hair is so strong and versatile! 
I remember back in the days, Sunday being the “hair day” in my household. 

I was ALWAYS dreading going home after church, because 
I knew that as soon as I got home… the torture would begin.

I’m not going to say that I was a difficult child when it came to doing my hair… 
but the fact that my hair was so coarse (and still is) and I had so much of it (and still do)... 
made life a living hell EVERY Sunday!

There is just something about African women
(because I never had my hair washed by any other 
women besides African onesb
and the way they wash their kids hair. 
I remember my mother using all her power just to get through 
my hair and harassing my scalp. 
(This is not a joke. If your mother is African, then you know what I mean!)

Thank God I’m older now, and can do everything myself.

Let me take you back a couple of weeks though…

Taren Guy & her cute baby bump hit up the city of Amsterdam as part of her
 “Luv + Learn Your Hair” tour, which was hosted by Natural Black Hair on Friday, March 21st.

I can’t even describe the amount of hair that was present during this event.
 From blond to black, to purple to brown and many other colors.

Black ladies were representing for the GAWDS with all that hair!
The night was full of great hair tips by (natural) hair gurus, exhibitors with their FABULOUS 
items, make up and clothes, the Heutiful Hair Steamer and food 
(which I didn’t taste because…. I don’t even know why. 
I guess I was too busy admiring people’s hair and chitchatting with everybody!)

Right before the organization had set in a break of 20 min or so, this courageous girl took the stage 
and let everybody know…. That she was going to have 
The BIG CHOP” during the break!


She was proud and ready for a new start.
(Her pretty curls… when the hairdressers cut off a piece of the front… 
I knew it was too late!)

There was a beauty panel with journalists Raquel Sandra Sprott, Janice Deul, the YouTube maven Monroe Sisters and Taren, where the ladies talked about everything a girl needs to know about her hair and also giving the crowd the time to have a Q & A session.

I enjoyed everything about the night (a little mad at myself because I didn’t make it on time to get to that FAB goodie bag with the smoothing shampoo from Yves Rocher, Yagua Beauty Tea, Black Opal samples, Kera Care samples, a cute pink comb from Natural Black Hair, the Grazia& the Glamour magazine! I’m already familiar with these product and that shampoo is AMAZING, and no I am not just saying that because I WORK at Yves Rocher ;)) and had even more fun taking pictures and capturing this great event!

A big THANKS & KISSES to Natural Black Hair for having me!!!

 photo IMG_7427_zps943a79dc.jpg  photo IMG_7458_zpsa5f929b0.jpg  photo IMG_7466_zpsd4d94bd2.jpg  photo IMG_7475_zps5bde26bb.jpg  photo IMG_7483_zpsa423168f.jpg  photo IMG_7485_zps0dcaebf5.jpg  photo IMG_7494_zps979d00a8.jpg  photo IMG_7500_zps67e6c725.jpg  photo IMG_7520_zps884e1b1e.jpg  photo IMG_7522_zpsd88c37d4.jpg  photo IMG_7533_zps4dcd6070.jpg  photo IMG_7542_zps871ec619.jpg  photo IMG_7547_zpse4492e32.jpg  photo IMG_7549_zps4035f0bd.jpg  photo IMG_7552_zpsc917c82b.jpg  photo IMG_7561_zpsfb4e2a6d.jpg  photo IMG_7563_zps36b1e5f1.jpg  photo IMG_7565_zps4d0c92d3.jpg  photo IMG_7587_zps4d2b1dfe.jpg  photo IMG_7613_zps8a29f1aa.jpg  photo IMG_7617_zpsb0cca9e5.jpg  photo IMG_7622_zps1615570e.jpg  photo IMG_7553_zpse6db11b7.jpg  photo IMG_7637_zpsca225322.jpg  photo IMG_7642_zps20547084.jpg

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pictures.... and don't forget to LIKE!

Outfit details: Dress: River Island, Heels: Forever21

Quote of the day: All the things we go through for the love of our hair!

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