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Recap: YouFashion Event!

4:17 PM

 photo IMG_6991_zpsf15a33d1.jpg
Cigars on Ice, Cigars on Ice!

It took me a while to sit my behind on a chair and take the time to work on the blog, with exams, events and the passing of my grandmother… I’ve had my mind full with everything.

And because my grandmother always told me;” No matter what happens, KEEP ON GOING”, I made the effort to pull myself together, grab a pair of FABULOUS heels,
put on some lipstick and head out to the past events.

I was invited to the “YouFashion” event a few weeks ago, which was organized
by my former mentor & event manager Jacqueline Maysa-Iman Berkelaar, 
in the VIP Room club in Rotterdam, who was wearing a shirt from Karmaloog.

(I think I need to get me one of their items, even though they’re for men...
 their craftsmanship proves that their line is NOT for the basics!)

Ladies, that interior is just EVERYTHING!

I know this might sound crazy (for the ones who have been to VIP Room before), 
but I never knew that the place had something fabulous over it. 
Don’t get me wrong; I have been to the VIP Room before, 
but never really paid attention to the interior.

The party that took place on that day, had an upscale twist to it… 
want to know why?

The owner of the Cigar Club was present, 
and let me tell you… I never knew that smoking a cigar
(after choking 3 times and not being able to smoke it till the end)
could make you feel…”accomplished”.

Hell, I was feeling like a bad ass Mama Jama
You couldn’t tell me ANYTHING!

After getting educated by the owner, I knew that this was 
something I wanted to try another time. 
(Still haven’t purchased one though… *cough cough *)

Guests were greeted by the door by a lovely hostess & 
some champagne, to get them in the mood for the night.

Celebrity DJ & singer Sam de Wit (One 4th of Dutch group Re-Play) 
made sure that our feet couldn’t stand still on the dance floor and
 even had me “Twerking for the Vine” at some point, without dropping my camera!

And what would a party be without a performance from Dutch singer Gio? 
Not so fun, I know! There is something cute about
 his little self that I just can’t put my finger on.
But one thing is for sure… he still knows how to wow the ladies.

He even sang "Happy birthday" to this girl….
 She couldn’t take his eyes of him.

As for me… ya’ll know I like to have a selfie-session 
every once in a while with an artist…
 and of course taking pictures of my outfit!

 photo IMG_6965_zpsaafdaf46.jpg
 photo IMG_6960_zpsc74ade25.jpg  photo IMG_6967_zpsf5e8c9fc.jpg  photo IMG_7040_zps36e0c4b4.jpg  photo IMG_7059_zps450d2119.jpg  photo IMG_7064_zps9ee8bead.jpg  photo IMG_7095_zpscae727d5.jpg  photo IMG_7140_zps18016146.jpg  photo IMG_7069_zps4a57ada6.jpg  photo IMG_7105_zps79c29005.jpg  photo IMG_7130_zps63b13b25.jpg  photo IMG_7184_zpsb63f9d9d.jpg  photo IMG_7175_zps062c7ab9.jpg  photo IMG_7133_zps4bb71f9b.jpg  photo IMG_7228_zpsb8571bc2.jpg  photo IMG_7246_zps61904408.jpg  photo IMG_7251_zps0ff8343b.jpg  photo IMG_7258_zps22787bf0.jpg

That light in the ladies bathroom was PERFECT!!!


 photo IMG_6979jpg_zpsda76db84.jpg
 photo IMG_7023_zps450f3885.jpg
 photo IMG_7018_zpsda14e2d3.jpg

Outfit details: Crop top: Primark, Bra: Victoria’s Secret, 
High waist skirt: H&M & Heels: New Look.

Quote of the day: I think I’m going to need to take more pictures of my OOTD!

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