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The CurlCruise: Huetiful Hair Steamer X CurlBox!

8:17 PM

 photo 1dc8164d-13a7-4a52-b12d-4144d161b339_zps14532fb2.jpg
If pictures were perfect all the time, 
memories would be so boring!

I remember the first time I got on a boat in Amsterdam, 
that day was full of laughter and craziness.

The fact that you live in a country where there are a lot of touristic activities, which you have never really bothered to visit is something that makes you think “what if

I’ve been living in The Netherlands for a little bit more over 10 years, and believe it or not, I have never been to Gouda 
(where they have the big infamous cheese market), 
I’ve never been to the Anne Frank House nor have I ever set foot in the Rembrandt House.

But I have been on one of those canal 
cruises a few years ago and had really liked it.

Who would have thought that I would 
get my booty on one of those boats again …

Huetiful & CurlBox came together the day after the LLYH X NBH event,
 to host a press event on a cute cruise, which took us on a trip through 
the beautiful canals of Amsterdam at night!

The CurlCruise!

There is just something about a bunch of (black) women (and a couple of men
who share the same love for fashion, lifestyle & hair that will complete make it a fun night out!

With a delicious buffet, great conversations and enough drinks to set my little 5’3 (1.60) self off in a couple of giggling storms, we cruised passed the Anne Frank house, beautifully lit restaurants, 
the lively streets AND the Red Light District!

It was really fun to meet other bloggers and industry professionals and 
exchange ideas on work, talk about life and love (or the lack thereof!)

I especially loved the AZONTO session, which came at the end of the cruise.

Once again, a big THANK YOU to
Natural Black Hair for the GREAT weekend!

 photo IMG_7646_zpsc6b948b8.jpg  photo IMG_7647_zps07ee1acd.jpg  photo IMG_7654_zpsc14abe3f.jpg  photo IMG_7658_zpsd305ddcb.jpg  photo IMG_7661_zps115b9c59.jpg  photo IMG_7664_zps2e5a629a.jpg  photo IMG_7666_zpsf35fce5e.jpg  photo IMG_7674_zpsfb995fd3.jpg  photo IMG_7678_zpsb3587194.jpg  photo IMG_7680_zps21f63595.jpg

There’s never a boring day in my life!

Join in on the fun & connect with me

Quote of the day: Thank the Lord my hair stayed DRY during the whole cruise! 

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