AIFW A/W 2011 - Day 1 - Jan Taminiau

1:11 PM

As you all know Amsterdam International Fashion Week is here!

The fashion event kicked off on Wednesday the 26th at the Westergasfabriek.

Jan Taminiau started off the week with 2 shows. The first one was his “Denim Couture” & the second one, which was held in the evening, was his “Haute Couture” show.

The pieces in the first who really looked feminine and so wearable!

The Haute Couture show made me go CRAZY! I was having visions! I LOVED it! It reminded me of Alexander McQueen’s bold designs.
Can you say Gaga?

The videos are in Dutch. For my non-Dutch speaking readera…you don’t need to understand.

We ALL speak “Fashion”, don’t we ;)?

A few of my fav. looks!

Quote of the day: Walk, walk, fashion, baby Work it, move that thing, carzy!

FYI I love Giovanca & Bonnie.

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