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Big Hair Don't Care!

11:59 PM

I think the natural look is making a comeback!
Wait… I KNOW that the natural is making a comeback!

I have been stared at ever since I’ve combed my curls out
I’ve been called Dianna Ross 127 times these past few days.

People have touched my hair as if it was something new.
I never understood why people were staring at me…

I LOVE the way I look.

Seriously I’m getting a little tired of all these longs ass, horse hair looking weaves!

We as BLACK woman (I know the white girls love big hair too, and I think ya’ll should try it!) can do so much more then just rock the “other” look.

Think about it! Afro’s, cornrow’s, braids and etc.
We can ROCK everything we want to!

Even over there in Hollywood, celebrities are starting to go “back in them days”.
Rihanna was spotted last night coming out of Las Palmas nightclub in Hollywood
looking like….moi!
(yes ya’ll know I don’t like her, but the hair is DOPE)

Anyhow you carry your hair, just feel FABULOUS doing it! I sure do!

Feeling the new look on Rihanna?
Feeling the Big Hair on me?

Quote of the night: Ya'll know what it is! Big Hair is THE MOVEMENT!

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  1. girl i adore your natural hair ! I cant wait till my hair gets that big :P



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