Mode Fabriek (a preview)

10:02 PM

"My day was FABULOUS! How was yours?”

I had the opportunity to go to the 30th edition of the “ModeFabriek”

And boy, let me tell ya’ll... I hade a blast!

From eating “Grazia Cupcakes”, getting on a picture with former Holland’s Next Top Model contestant aka Miss FAB. Ovo, to socializing, getting my picture taken by people
(I really think the hair is causing all of these people to stare
and take pics like I’m some kind of celebrity!),
exchanging emails and business cards, sitting front row at fashion shows and getting goodie bags…I LOVED it all!

I’m too tired to get into details right now
(and my feet are speaking to me “Girl, you better soak us!”)
but I will get back to ya’ll with everything that happened today.

I’ve seen fabulous shoes, bags and clothes AND handsome HALF NAKED men.
(What could a girl want more in life?)

Had a few chats with fantastic upcoming designers and label representatives.
Got to know a whole lot of people.

But for now, a lil’ preview …

ModeFabriek Poster

Jack & Jones Fashion Show

Ovo & me

The new loves of my life

Re-united with my girls!

The Grazia cup-cake!

Don’t worry there is more to come!

Quote of the day: I think I need to call Le Boyfriend for a massage...
my feet are KILLING!

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  1. He, je hebt je blog veranderd! Nice!
    Omg je haar is SUPER. I want hair like that!!!



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