Cougar Town!

1:12 AM

Have woman suddenly have the feeling that it’s okay to date younger men?

This is a question that I have been asking myself lately. I remember, back in the day being called a “cougar” was the worst thing that a woman could be named. The fact that older woman were dating younger guys, was considered a taboo. Woman back then, used to keep it a secret. No one was supposed to know what these woman were really doing, and who they were doing it with.

Who doesn’t know the movie “How Stella got her grove back”? That’s like the cougar’s national anthem right there! Don’t believe me? You better ask somebody! That movie had the whole world upside down. Because people never really talked about stuff like that. It was okay for a 100 year old man to date a 20-something year old woman, but it was wrong for a woman to date a younger guy…

But now in the year of 2011, everything is possible! The fact that the media has also had a big part in the way that we think about all these things is MAJOR!

I’m talking about TV shows (Cougar Town, Desperate Housewives, Dirt and etc.) in particular. We are being buried under all these type of shows. And not only the shows but also all them celebrities out there who date/marry younger men. (Demi & Ashton, Dawn & Que, Mariah & Nick…need I say more?)

And I’m so happy for Vivica Foxx (47) who got engaged last week to her fiancĂ© (27)!

So if everything we see has to do with older vs. younger, then why not give it a shot? What do you have to lose anyway?

I thought that maybe talking about it could make people uneasy.

Hell was I wrong!

All types of woman around me are seriously open for it! Talking bout “Younger guys have more respect” and “They will do everything to keep you happy”. I could not believe the things I was hearing.

It’s funny what pasta and wine can get started when you’re having fun with your girls.

Are we getting sick and tired of “sugar daddies”? Are we independent enough to be cougars now? That’s a question that every woman will answer in her own different way.

I could give you many reasons why you should or shouldn’t, but hey, who am I to decide what you like? As long as you are happy…then whatever floats your boat is fine with me.

Quote of the night: “Age ain’t nothing but a number” - Aaliyah

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