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Fashion vs Music

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“Been gone for a minute, now I’m back with the Jump Off!” -Lil Kim

What’s cracking people! First of all I would like to wish you all out there a HAPPY NEW YEAR! May the year of 2011 be more FABULOUS than 2010!

I know I promised that when December hit, I would be all over the place. Well I was…but just not on the net as much as I thought I would be…and for that yet AGAIN…I’m sorry!

From now on, I will be bombarding the place like the Taliban!

Anyways it’s not that I wasn’t doing anything, au contrair my dear readers I was busy as hell!

As some of ya’ll may know I have been working as an intern at a fashion PR agency named Press Only. The lovely ladies of PO have really changed my life! They have opened my eyes and I have experienced fashion on a whole different level. I am dead serious about this one!

The Fashion world has NOT seen/heard the last of me!

Anyways, I was with one of my girls yesterday (we haven’t had a good chill sins the summer time). We had our evening of fish, red wine and fashion. The perfect combo for after a working day. We were browsing the net looking for some gorgeous wedges. And let me tell you, I was drooling all over the place.

This years, I’m going to step my shoe game up. People who know me, already know I’m a shoe-addict…I’m really going to go crazy…Spring/Summer 2011! I’ll maybe even share some of my deepest secrets with ya’ll…

There is always something fun about girls and shopping for shoes. You bump into all these interesting sites and the most FABULOUS shoes on the planet! I really love the internet…and I’m totally in love with the fact that everything is just one “click” away.

After eye-balling some of these site, we decided to get our grove on…yes you guessed it…Youtube!

Now I know ya’ll have heard of the song “Like a G6”. Remember the red-headed girl? The singer of the song? Well miss Dev (her stage name) has been around for a few years now, and has released multiply songs, but kind of stayed on the DL (for the people who don’t know what DL stands for…Down Low!!).

Word on the streets was, that she actually was discovered on Youtube (I’m seriously thinking of dropping a video soon…all these people getting famous off of Youtube…damn! The only thing that might stop me, is the fact that I can’t sing for crap!...bye bye record deal…). After she dropped out of school, she went all the way for her music career. Now the song “Like a G6” was actually a part of one of Dev’s own songs, ”Booty Bounce”, that was later used for the world famous jam that we all had the opportunity to enjoy during the summer!

This video is AMAZING! Not only the beat and the lyrics, but the FASHION! Oh baby! All those funkadelic outfits made me go CRAZY!!

Just take a look for yourself, then you’ll know what I mean.

This next video is her newest song “Bass down low”! There’s not really much to say but


Enjoy the tune, and I’ll catch up with ya’ll in a few!

Quote of the night: 2011 is going to be VERY interesting!

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