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Crack it up !

10:19 PM

Ladies, I can really say that our nails are like an accessory and the nail polish market is stepping its game up to cater to all of us fabulous divas.

One of the unique trends to hit the market is “Crackle Nail Polish” which creates a shatter effect as it dries on your nails.

The polish can be worn over some of your favorite shades
and creates a different design each time it is applied.

It’s so different and unique that people will
think you sat at the salon for hours to get that design.
You can even layer it over glitters for a more creative touch!

It took me forever to get it!

But I’m now proud to let all my divas know,
that the “Black Shatter” by OPI is finally in stores here in Holland!

Check out the video how to DIY!

Serena's "Glam Slam" will be available in February!

I LOVE my nails!

I hope you'll enjoy this nail polish and FABULOUS nails as much as I do!

Kick ass nails ask for a kick ass video!

So here is one of my favorites by Jessie J... Do It Like A Dude.

Quote if the night: It's all about the nails this season!

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