‘The Black Allure’

10:48 PM

Since it’s Historical Black Month….ya’ll know I had to break it down!

I NEED to get my hands on the latest Italian Vogue ! After producing some FABULOUS fashion shoots ever in the July 2008 “Black Issue” and July 2009 special “Black Barbie Issue,” the magazine’s editor Franca Sozzani–who has said that, and I quote :
“in admiration with the richness and fullness of Black female beauty”
–is back at it again with a spread that showa that Black women can work the finest haute couture.

This month’s issue has a spread with a 20’s theme called “The Black Allure” shot by British photographer Emma Summerton and styled by Edward Enninful. It features a long line of top models of color including Chanel Iman, Jourdan Dunn, Sessilee Lopez, Ajak Deng, Arlenis Sosa Peña, Georgie Baddiel, Joan Smalls, Kinee Diouf, Lais Ribeiro, Melodie Monrose, Mia Aminata Niaria, and Rose Cordero.

Absolutely FABULOUS! Chanel looks gorgeous!, the way that blue color pops against her skin is just breathtaking.

I can’t wait for the day that US high fashion magazine’s will follow and feature more women of color (and body types while we’re at it) but it’s nice to see Italians recognizing Black beauty.

Quote of the night: It's a Black thang!

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