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Once upon a time there was a model & a blogger...

11:34 PM

I had the chance to hang out with one of my girls today!

Because me and my girl live completely different lives (she’s a model & I’m a blogger obviously…) we barely see each other…

We had a “date” and had fun! She had to go to Bibi van der Velden, to borrow some jewellery for her next up coming shoot….& I decided to stroll along!

(FYI: They own FABULOUS African based/inspired jewellery!)

Miss Model is always on the go so it’s sometimes very difficult to “adjust” our agenda’s.
Because we all know I’m a Busy Body myself!

I just can’t sit here and do nothing! SOOOOO…I keep busy!

Anyways the girl is on her way to the top and ready to take over…just Google her!

Shantinella & Me

On the cover of "Black Beauty"

In "Sophisticated Black Hair"

Shadows of Friendship

Quote of the night: Girls just wanna have fun!

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